Here’s some miscellany for this fine Wednesday evening.

Consider this an open thread.

  1. Interesting comment on Palin’s new book.

    “Don’t look for hefty policy prescriptions.”

    Do you think she ever will get serious about policy or just continue her role as a conservative cheerleader?

    And yes the pic was hilarious 🙂
    .-= Kansas Bob´s last blog ..Freedom Leg: No More Crutches =-.

    1. @Kansas Bob, Well, I think she talks policy a lot in her op/eds and Facebook posts. Some believe she may have a 2nd book that will cover that.

      Otherwise, I don’t have a clue. And, by the way, that is just random stuff floating out… from who knows who. It may not even be an accurate description of the the book. Or it could be spot on.

      I’m looking forward to reading it.

    2. @Kansas Bob, Another thought – regarding a possible sequel book, some think an awesome title would be “Common Sense Conservatism” and believe that the CSLA speech she gave in Hong Kong would be a good framework.

      But it is all just speculation.

  2. Did you catch Bob Schieffer at CBS?

    People always have to point out, Christianity has it’s share of “nuts” too.

    But it’s rare that even a Christian “nut” will take up arms against his fellow man.

    And I always wonder what defines a Christian “nut” anyway, since for many of us The Holy Bible is our biggest anchor on true sanity in a very insane world!
    .-= LarryK12309´s last blog ..The Real Curse in Africa =-.

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