latte_art Some miscellany I’m reading while rendering video.  Always a fun job, so if you are looking for video from the “Leadership for Iowa” event that I was at last night… hopefully will have some video up tonight of Governor Tim Pawlenty’s speech (no promises), and video of the different gubernatorial candidates and a couple of interviews that will hopefully be up tomorrow.

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An Anniversary Democrats Aren’t Celebrating

Kelvey Vander Hart: On June 10th, 1964, members of the Democratic Party ended their filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They would like us to forget.

Self Control, Not Gun Control

Kris Ranney: Shooting like the one in Roseburg, OR can’t be solved through increased gun control as it doesn’t solve the problem of the sinful human heart.

SPLC Pays $3.3 Million After Falsely Labeling Group “Anti-Muslim Extremists”

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) apologized to the Quilliam Foundation and its founder, Maajid Nawaz, for labeling them “anti-Islamic extremists” and agreed to pay $3.375 million.

Latte Links (5/26)

1.  “We Call It Religious Freedom” by Chuck Colson It seems one…