I can’t say I’m a fan of the 700 Club or Pat Robertson.  I do like David Brody who is CBN’s political correspondent and do read his blog often.  He had a chance to interview Governor Sarah Palin when she was in Grand Rapids, MI yesterday, and Part I of his interview was shown today dealing with her faith.

You can also watch the video on Brody’s blog (the quality is a little better). He also shares his thoughts on the interview here.  I’m still waiting to receive my copy of Going Rogue: An American Life, and will be interested in reading what she says about her faith.

Let me preface the following comment that it is a pastoral, not a political, observation.  I obviously have deep respect for the Governor and am a supporter.  So consider it more constructive criticism from a friend, not being slammed by someone who dislikes her.

As a former pastor and now a Christian youthworker, just from what I’ve seen in this interview, I’d like to pull her aside for some evangelism training and coaching.  Because what I was hearing in the interview wasn’t the Gospel (not questioning her faith, just a critique on how she articulates it), but again I want to read the book before I comment further.  Maybe it’s handled differently.  I certainly appreciate her willingness to share her faith with others and her boldness in doing so.

I also think the inability to articulate the Gospel is a common problem in the American church, but again perhaps she does a better job in the book.

FYI, I don’t believe this is a qualification for public office.

  1. I like David Brody too.. have seen him on Sunday morning talk shows and think he articulates his views well. I hope to see Sarah Palin do a Sunday AM show one of these days.

    Guess I didn’t hear much about Sarah Palin’s faith in the video other than some platitudes.. did she say Jesus’ name.. maybe she did? I suspect her views may be along the lines of charismatic fundamentalism.. but I am not sure.. I’ll be interested in hearing your take on her theology Shane.
    .-= Kansas Bob´s last blog ..Botoxic Pastor =-.

    1. @Kansas Bob, I’d say her views are more mainstream evangelicalism. No, she didn’t specifically mention Jesus. She talked about giving her life to the Lord when she was 6. She said she encourages people to give their lives to God as He can direct their lives and show them their purpose, etc.

      It isn’t that what she said isn’t true, but it isn’t specifically the Gospel either.

      Obviously I’m making a pastoral, not a political observation.

  2. Shane, for me, you hit all the ‘buttons’ in the right, compassionate, ‘caveat,’ but observant, helpful way. . .in regard not only to the Faith interview but the other interviews as well.

    I am willing to ‘give’ her some latitude here (although it most assuredly is not ‘mine’ to ‘give’), because, let’s face it, the woman has been through a wringer in the past year that would try the best of us. Whom among us would not need some healing and reorientation after such a wrenching time?

    Still, I can’t but help feeling that she now is spending too much time in the shallow end of the pool. She could use some good guidance and counsel. . .I haven’t seen that yet in all of the ‘handlers’ she has been subject to. . .especially during the campaign, but also including the post script.

    Although your ‘prescription’ and mine (or others) might differ in detail, I suspect at the Heart of it, it’s fairly simple and straightforward.

    Hey, I can always ‘use’ some ‘myself’!

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