The difference in women could not be more pronounced! The condensation and snobbery in the Martha’s voice in this interview demonstrates how out of touch she is with the very people who purchase her towels and paint; her magazines and decorating guides. The rich don’t buy her towels, it is middle America who shops at Sears, who line her pockets with greenbacks.

Sarah Palin, represents those who will never live up to Martha Stewart standards. Sarah lives life like the rest of us. She loves her family, loves her country and is willing to do what it takes to help make this country what it needs to be for future generations. She desires to help make America beautiful from the inside out, while Martha is all about an outside beauty that fades, one paint swatch at a time.

Pompous, Prideful, Self-centered, Arrogant: Martha Stewart.

Patriotic, Passionate, Servant, Humble: Sarah Palin.

You Decide!

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