The difference in women could not be more pronounced! The condensation and snobbery in the Martha’s voice in this interview demonstrates how out of touch she is with the very people who purchase her towels and paint; her magazines and decorating guides. The rich don’t buy her towels, it is middle America who shops at Sears, who line her pockets with greenbacks.

Sarah Palin, represents those who will never live up to Martha Stewart standards. Sarah lives life like the rest of us. She loves her family, loves her country and is willing to do what it takes to help make this country what it needs to be for future generations. She desires to help make America beautiful from the inside out, while Martha is all about an outside beauty that fades, one paint swatch at a time.

Pompous, Prideful, Self-centered, Arrogant: Martha Stewart.

Patriotic, Passionate, Servant, Humble: Sarah Palin.

You Decide!

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  1. I cannot even describe how irritating I found Martha Stewart when I first saw this last night on TV! I think she is probably very representative of how the “elite” view not only Sarah Palin but the rest of us, huh?

  2. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny. What little respect I had for Martha Stewart just went “down the drain”. Sarah Palin seems to stand for things that I consider right and good….ideals that our country was founded on…and Ms Stewart calls her dangerous? Strange…I wonder what Ms. Stewart’s political views are? God bless and guide Sarah Palin!! Martha Stewart…you can keep your “sheets and towels”!!:)

  3. *laughs*
    I recently asked the same question– “which of these two is more qualified to judge if the other is ‘really’ American”– about some other critics of Mrs. Palin!

    They really do love claiming she’s not really American enough, don’t they?

  4. Mary, Shane, To take the focus off Stewart, I would like to ask the American people be they of faith, agnostic or aithiest. Who do you think could do you more harm?

    A stong Govenor who set up the largest pipeline in the Western World and said she was hurt when her email was hacked because she had email prayers for her son Track.

    Or a President who during the election to asked a judge to squelch an interview of a jounalist by a Chicago T.V. Station.

    Who has the potential to do more harm to you? A Govenor who Prays with her daughter before a National Debate; or a President who punts the question “should people go to jail if they don’t purchase Government Health care” Pelosi did not punt the question. She said yes!!! The president has told Pelosi, write the bill, I’ll sign it!

    Who has the potenial to do you more harm?

  5. I believe that strong leadership begins with a servant’s heart. A good leader gets his or her hands dirty, counts the cost and knows what to delegate and what must be taken on head first. I also believe a leader is humble and recognizes that the power that is held comes from Almighty God and therefore he or she must answer to Him. Therefore, when a government leader doesn’t recognize from Whom their position and power are derived, it is in them that most harm will be found. Human wisdom is folly. Human wisdom that hasn’t learned from the past is doomed to fail. The leadership in Washington today is arrogant and not God fearing. The leadership refuses to learn from the past, but rewrites the past to justify their positions and cover their tracks.
    I believe that pride goes before the fall and in my opinion, President Obama is very prideful. So I pray that he will humble his heart, because history is not kind to those who’s heart God has had to humble.
    The Bible says that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the “wise”. The world sees a Praying Palin as foolish and dangerous, yet I personally would feel more comfort knowing my leader is a God fearing woman or man, who seeks His wisdom and knowledge, yet might have “less experience”, than a leader who in all his pride, demonstrates inexperience through the people he surrounds himself and the arrogance in accepting advice from the very advisers he has around him.
    These are my humble thoughts, what say you?

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