It’s so colorful!  I mean this is THE model of tolerance.  Exhibit A from “JB” at Iowa Liberal:

Keep up the purge, Republicans! After all, Barack Obama is destroying the country and IT IS 1939 YOU ARE JEWS THE OVEN IS JUST WARMING UP so drive out those moderates. Eventually people will stop thinking you’re a gang of know-nothing authoritarians who discovered fiscal conservatism on January 20, 2009 and who will forget it again as soon as you get your hands on a seat somewhere, who would have left the fate of the Bush recession up to the forces of chaos. If we’d only lowered more taxes and drilled for oil! You’ve got absolutely no real plan for reducing the deficit and putting America back in the black, but you’re Republicans. You don’t actually know how to govern, but you know how to run smear campaigns!

What is meant by the “Jews” statement I’m not exactly sure.. are conservatives suppose to be ones going to the oven?  Moderates?  Or is he calling the “teabagger” “idiot cows” (aka conservatives) the Nazis? (That was from the first paragraph of this masterpiece).  I mean I wonder if he considered how inappropriate and offensive it is to use a holocaust reference (inflammatory one at that) and apply it to an American political landscape?  Likely not.

Apparently the lessons to be learned here are… oh heck, I don’t know the whole thing is nonsensical.  Does anyone actually read an argument here?  And last time I checked the only ones running smear campaigns were Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine.  Bill Owens and Doug Hoffman ran a pretty clean race, a fact I’m sure is lost on JB.

JB, if you read this, here is something that may help.

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