It’s so colorful!  I mean this is THE model of tolerance.  Exhibit A from “JB” at Iowa Liberal:

Keep up the purge, Republicans! After all, Barack Obama is destroying the country and IT IS 1939 YOU ARE JEWS THE OVEN IS JUST WARMING UP so drive out those moderates. Eventually people will stop thinking you’re a gang of know-nothing authoritarians who discovered fiscal conservatism on January 20, 2009 and who will forget it again as soon as you get your hands on a seat somewhere, who would have left the fate of the Bush recession up to the forces of chaos. If we’d only lowered more taxes and drilled for oil! You’ve got absolutely no real plan for reducing the deficit and putting America back in the black, but you’re Republicans. You don’t actually know how to govern, but you know how to run smear campaigns!

What is meant by the “Jews” statement I’m not exactly sure.. are conservatives suppose to be ones going to the oven?  Moderates?  Or is he calling the “teabagger” “idiot cows” (aka conservatives) the Nazis? (That was from the first paragraph of this masterpiece).  I mean I wonder if he considered how inappropriate and offensive it is to use a holocaust reference (inflammatory one at that) and apply it to an American political landscape?  Likely not.

Apparently the lessons to be learned here are… oh heck, I don’t know the whole thing is nonsensical.  Does anyone actually read an argument here?  And last time I checked the only ones running smear campaigns were Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine.  Bill Owens and Doug Hoffman ran a pretty clean race, a fact I’m sure is lost on JB.

JB, if you read this, here is something that may help.

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  1. He’s making fun of some of the Holocaust references the Republicans have been using. There is a clip that MSNBC plays over and over again that shows a conservative from Iowa comparing Obama’s health plan to Hitler’s Final Solution. He is mocking the person in that video.

    I think that most Republicans ought to, and probably do agree that, whatever the unintended consequences of Obama’s health plan might be, he does not intend to kill anyone with his plan. Well, except for the unborn. But that’s already been happening in droves since 1973, and cannot be attributed solely to Obama–heck, even Reagan originally led the fight to decriminalize abortion in California before Roe v. Wade, before converting to the pro-life position.

    1. @Al, Ah, and yes I do agree that Obama & Pelosi do not intend to kill anybody.

      The way he phrased the comment still doesn’t quite mesh with your explanation.

      But at least it’s an explanation. I haven’t seen the video.

    1. @Jeromy, My reading comprehension? Your “joke” which was purely tasteless by the way, presupposes that somebody is actually familiar with that particular video.

      I won’t defend the guy comparing the health care plan to Hitler’s Final solution, but your post truly crosses the line as well.

      I guess two wrongs are supposed to make a right?

  2. It would presupposed that you’d followed politics at all for the past nine months, and didn’t employ selective vision when it came to the excesses of the GOP base.

    Since I am condemning those who make comparisons between anything Obama does and the Third Reich, how does it cross the line?

    Or are you just going to keep covering for your error? I ask this, already knowing the answer. Your job is to deflect blame from the GOP radicals talking Hitler and try to make it a liberal’s fault for pointing out how deranged they are.
    .-= Jeromy´s last blog ..Tonight’s lessons. =-.

    1. @Jeromy, Holocaust references cross the line.

      Either side. So no I’m not deflecting.

      Barack Obama is destroying the country and IT IS 1939 YOU ARE JEWS THE OVEN IS JUST WARMING UP so drive out those moderates.

      Seriously, you think that is appropriate? If you do, well I’m not going to convince you otherwise.

      Also, where are we driving moderates out? Scozzafava? She was further to the left than Bill Owens, she wasn’t a moderate. The party is better off in 2010 with a loss now, than to have had her win. In 2010 they can have a primary and let the people decide who they want as a nominee instead of the 11 county chairs. That was what NY 23 was primarily about the nomination selection process.

      Did you have blinders to the fact that the Democrats lost in Virginia and New Jersey to a fiscal conservative message?

      One of these days you guys will have to stop blaming Bush, because the spending right now and the lack of job creation right now can be placed at Democrat feet.

      And regarding “discovering” fiscal conservatism… numerous people in my party abandoned their roots. So we are seeing a resurgence. I personally don’t feel better about massive government spending and earmarking because it’s my party doing it.

  3. “Holocaust references cross the line.”

    That’s my point. You are aware of the term “verbal irony” though, right? Even public school kids learn about it. Why am I always forced to educate wingers on the most elementary basics of the English language?

    “One of these days you guys will have to stop blaming Bush…”

    One of these days, you guys will have to take responsibility for anything Bush ever did. Bush was never responsible for anything bad that happened during his presidency, why should anybody be surprised Republicans have been repeating that line since Obama was sworn in? This is Bush’s recession, and Obama is already getting credit for bringing us back from the abyss. Every economist knows job recovery is the last thing to improve.

    But you’ve got your agenda, and given your reading skills its no surprise that parroting Fox is the best you can aspire to.

    1. @Jeromy, See even here you are proving my point about how liberals debate.

      You demonize, you make fun of, but you never come up with substantive arguments. I’m well aware of what verbal irony is. I just don’t think it advances arguments.

      Take responsibility for anything Bush ever did. Ok, we didn’t have another terrorist attack on U.S. soil after 9/11.

      I criticized him on TARF, and expansion of Government. I think Republicans and Democrats who signed onto that were wrong.

      Sure, all I read/watch is Fox that is why I subscribe to your blog and a good number of liberal blogs. But I’m I’ll admit that I’m biased.. so are you.

      When you laud moderates withing the Republican party, do you do the same for moderates within the Democrat party? What do you think about “Blue Dog Democrats” who are holding up the health care bill?

  4. Recently my uncle (liberal) and cousin (conservative) got into an argument over the health care bill. From all accounts (I wasn’t there), the liberal was the one yelling and screaming and getting red in the face. The conservative remained calm and tried to reason logic. Just an anecdote. . .
    .-= Frances´s last blog ..111 New Bureaucracies =-.

  5. Pardon me while I insist on continuing my search to figure out what your substantive point is.

    “I just don’t think (verbal irony) advances arguments.”

    Well, this is certainly a different position, indicating to me you’re abandoning your previous line of argument.

    Now explain to me how a premise cannot be expressed through irony.

    As for demonizing, you’re trying to minimize the points I was making with the usual, “rightwingers may be wrong, but you damn liberals don’t have to be so mean about it!” rhetoric.

    See, you can’t actually get around the fact that the teapartying Beck/Palin/Limbaugh loving base, not to mention more than a few politicians, who drove out Scozzfava and tried to pimp Hoffman have frequently invoked Hitler and the Holocaust to describe Obama and his policies. So you have to attack me and talk about what meanies liberals are for criticizing them. What’s galling is how you have the temerity to suggest I’m the one being insensitive about the Holocaust.

    Those who have exploited the Holocaust to complain about a Democrat politician they don’t like, over a health care reform bill nonetheless, one designed to bring coverage to 36 million Americans, one designed to save 40,000 Americans a year, one designed to save thousands of children every year…those people deserve every word of scorn they get, and if you’ve any concern about the Holocaust yourself, that’s where your ire should be pointed.

    And considering Harry Reid is pro-life, I think Democrats have demonstrated plenty of room for moderates. We don’t need ideological purity. Obama himself is testing that, for sure. He’s been frustratingly moderate, but I still afford him leeway. The consensus on the left is that senators like Baucus and Nelson can vote against the reform bill if they insist, but that supporting the filibuster is crossing the line. That’s why Lieberman is getting raked over the coals.

    But this is beside the point. I have a lot of problems with the moderate Republicans too. That’s why there are different parties. Christie and McDonnell, however, ran pretty clean campaigns focused on the issues. If they were representative of all Republicans, you guys would be way better off, and the country would too.

    But the teabaggers? Defend them at your peril. If you guys can’t tame them and get the crazy back under control, guys like Christie will be next.
    .-= Jeromy´s last blog ..Republicans support the troops. =-.

    1. @Jeromy,

      Uh, you guys drove Lieberman from the party, remember? You know, that great big tent where you don’t demand ideological rigidity?? Jesus, talk about irony!

  6. We don’t. It isn’t ideological impurity that is Lieberman’s problem, it’s the chumming around with Republicans and trashing Democrats every chance he gets. The filibuster threat is just the latest example. On every issue he claims to differ with Democrats on, there’s another Democrat who also disagrees.

    We’re the ones having difficulty getting our big tent to vote in unison, remember? You’re the guys gnashing your teeth Olympia Snowe let the bill leave committee.

    Ultimately primary challenges can be a good thing. We all dislike incumbents who we feel aren’t representing us anymore. My post’s original point was that Hoffman and the whole tea party clan are out of step, radical, and completely unfit to govern. So if you’re going to keep listening to who BeckPalimbaugh think makes a good Republican, you’re going to keep shrinking as a party.

    The GOP base has behaved deplorably during Obama’s short time in office, ginning up absurd levels of fear over very centrist policies. They’ve been completely blind to the frustration of liberals with Obama and have abused talk of communism, fascism, and genocide, while engaging in or enabling some blatant racist behavior.

    If more pols like Christie can take the mic away and run a campaign the teabaggers can vote for while cutting out all the crazy, then you guys might get somewhere.

    And by get somewhere, I mean probably have more success stopping everything our country needs, from health care reform to fighting global warming.
    .-= Jeromy´s last blog ..A hero who will be remembered. =-.

  7. lol, so you booted him out because he had the ‘temerity’ to be friends with Republicans! The monster! Quick, run him out of the party on a rail!

    Lieberman IS a hardcore lib that differed with the lunatic left fringe on one topic (national security) and that wasn’t pure enough for you so you purged him and all the contortions and revisionist history you throw out there isn’t going to change that ever.

    The fact is, you LOVE ideological rigidity–it’s right up there with your love for tolerance as long as those you’re tolerating think exactly like you do.

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