Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) calling us to get involved and let our Representatives and Senators know how we feel about the increasing government largess in an interview she gave on 12/10/09 on The B-Cast.  An insightful interview and worth spending the 30 minutes to listen.  Thanks to Wintery Knight for pointing this interview out to me.

We need more people in Congress like Michele Bachmann.  Because of this interview Wintery Knight is endorsing Representative Bachmann as a our Caffeinated Conservative of 2009… by the way have you voted yet?  If she wins I’ll look forward to hand delivering the award to her when I am in D.C. in February.

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  1. That’s my Congresswoman Bachmann!!! I heard this interview the day after it aired. I think at the time Bachman was talking about the terrible bill reagrding socialized medicine and how people should contact “thier representavies” to try and stop it’s passage during Christmas.

    A thought came to me if this Cuban Care Bill passes. (No Offense meant to Cubans!!)
    Would it be possible for the Grassroots to Strongly urge thier Govenors to be “Gandolf Govenors”. By that I mean because of the 10th ammendment they could say “THIS SHALL NOT PASS!!!”

    They could also quote Jackson, “Let them see if they can enforce it!”

    The Govenor(s) could reliquish power for a time (if I die I die) for about (I dunno, 6 months?)to retreat, to study to pray while thier “trusted” Conservative Lt. Govenor stands up to the Feds and the Cuba Care Cartel. the Lt. Gov. could declare Free market health insurance in that state.

    You would think that most people who are against socialized medicine, would stand up for thier Lt. Gov. and Govenor.

    Anyway, once the public sees Lt. Govenors being being placed in orange jumpsuits and carted away, you will have more “States Rights” Citizens than you can shake a stick at!!
    Each lt. Govenor can nomiate someone from a tea party association.

    The Govenor can Parden the Lt. Gov. at the proper time. Any Govenor doing this could be on Palin’s ooops uh, I mean any true conservatives short list for v.p. if not being at the top of the ticket!!!

    Any thoughts?

    1. @M. Hovda, I do hope that Governors stand up to the health care bill, especially considering that an increased medicare means increased cost to the states.

      One problem with pardoning… Governors can’t pardon federal offenses.

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