Spineless men and women fill the halls of Congress. Not one of them, I submit, could ever fill the shoes of the men who framed the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Their ethics are corrupted by their greed for power and their courage to stand for what is right is shattered when enough pressure it put upon them. They are gutless, cowardly and truly a craven group of so-called leaders. The men who signed our foundational documents, did not trade away freedom or accept bribes in order to get what they wanted. There was compromise, but compromise that established the greatest government ever in the history of the world. There is no compromise in this Senate, only blackmail and bribery, at the expense of Democracy.

If our leaders are so easily swayed away from their own convictions and ignore the democratic voice of their constituents as demonstrated in this health care legislation; what will happen if and when our Freedom of Religion is radically attacked? Who will stand up for our First Amendment rights, if those in Congress, who don’t hold the same beliefs as we in the Christian community, choose to follow marching orders from the powers the be? This health care bill is critical to the health of our country and is being pushed through by radicals who don’t seem to care about America’s life expectancy. What about the issues that are central to all American’s rights? What if they come under attack? Will any on the left stand up to protect them? It seems that most have sold their souls to the Devil, and few would sacrificially give up everything to stand for Truth, Justice and Freedom.

They don’t make ’em like they used to! Is it because the American people as a whole are no longer capable of electing leadership that is morally and ethically sound; or is it because there are no morally and ethically sound leaders rising to the top to lead? May only the cream of the crop attain leadership positions and only those who demonstrate the type of leadership on which this country was built. Courage, Uncompromising Ethics, Integrity and a love for Country and Constitution: The New American Leader!

This is the only change I can believe in!

  1. It’s a sad day in Mudville ! Oh that Americans would WAKE UP! Praying fervently for eyes to be open, hearts to be broken by the catastrophic abortions and for honesty and just law to prevail.

  2. The manner in which this bill is being pushed through is deeply disturbing. The rationalization that goes along with getting this thing passed, at all costs, ignoring those who it is supposed to benefit is a window into the very heart of Congress.
    They serve only themselves and the life of their Congressional seat. I wonder how many would “serve their country” if they did it for free? I wonder what kind of person would step forward to serve if the re-reimbursement wasn’t so lucrative.
    I guess, because many of us serve God in various capacities in our churches, for the love of God, it makes sense to serve country in like manner. It purifies the motives when the reward is not silver and gold, but a true desire to serve others. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.
    A workman is worthy of his wages, but his wages need to reflect the constituent who is paying those wages through taxation. I think the reason many get into office is truly for the right reasons, but it seems that so many times, these pure desires get corrupted by the machine and the people who have been part of the machine for decades. We need fresh men and women with pure hearts and motives to lead us.

  3. I don’t know, I think it’s mistaken to idealize the Framers as if they were morally perfect. To them the issue of rights was something that only concerned white males who were part of the landed gentry. At least no modern members of Congress own slaves.
    .-= Guy Incognito´s last blog ..Whale Potion =-.

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