Some miscellaneous links after surviving shoveling the remnants of the “Iowa Death Storm of 2009.”  I heard the name from Grant Young and thought it sounded good.  I had a good 14 inches at my house.

Sorry this was a little longer than normal, but I had a good number of "starred” items in my Google Reader building up and I meant to share.  Also consider this an open thread post, and always feel free to follow me on Twitter and/or friend me on Facebook.  Still doing some Christmas shopping?  Don’t forget to check out our bookstore.

Update: Bonus – Weird Light over Norway

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Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016)

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly today died in her home in St. Louis, MO at age 92 Eagle Forum, the organization she founded in 1972, confirmed.

Latte Links (6/21/10)

Miscellany for your Monday! Monergism: Responding to the Arminian “Drowning Man” Analogy…

How Political Correctness May Cause A Zombie Apocalypse

John Gustavsson: Having observed politics in Europe these past couple of months, I have realized that a zombie apocalypse may well be a real threat.

2nd Video Shows Another Planned Parenthood Doc Selling Baby Body Parts

President of PPFA Medical Directors’ Council Mary Gatter Doesn’t Want to “Lowball” Price, Suggests “Less Crunchy” Technique, Says She Wants a Lamborghini