Well since I spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express (and am actually still staying in one), I thought I’d come up with my top 10 predictions for 2010.  I’m sure you’ll be impressed.  These aren’t in any particular order other than the order they appear off the top of my head.

  1. The Iowa Hawkeyes will destroy the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the FedEx Orange Bowl on January 5th.
  2. Somebody in Hollywood will get a divorce (a shocker I know).
  3. Governor Chet Culver will become the first one-term governor in Iowa in my lifetime.
  4. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) will end his tenure as Senate Majority Leader, because Senator Reid will no longer be in the Senate.
  5. The Chicago Cubs will still not be in the World Series.
  6. Tiger Woods will team up with Jon Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8 for their own reality TV show.
  7. Chris Matthews will learn that the thrill running up his leg was really Restless Leg Syndrome, not Barack Obama.
  8. A cure will be discovered for those suffering from  Palin Derangement Syndrome – common sense.
  9. I will still consume way too much coffee.
  10. MSNBC’s ratings will still stink.

You really don’t have to call me prophet, Shane will do.

Happy New Year!

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      1. @Shane Vander Hart, There was another story that I read and heard it was written and linked by Another story of a rock solid witness/passaenger on flight 253.

        The passenger was interviewed by radio. The woman was being interviewed. She resides in (bad spelling) Ottowonoc Wisconsin. Anyway, she and her husband had just picked up thier new adopted children. The language and demeanor of the woman was very much in what you could call the evangelical mode.

        At the beginning of the flight, a fellow passenger had spoken briefly with her about a strange guy who seemed to be filming the entire flight. With the camera in the general direction of the underpants bomber. The woman did not pay very much attention to it because she was busy with thier new adoptive children. After things got hairy on the flight the children where getting concerned.

        The children were from Africa and they did not know any better so they told them that the Stewardesses sometimes like to act silly on the plane. The Mom and Dad and the Children all held hands and sang “Jesus Loves Me this I know” The Mom felt that for whatever reason that the Lord would not let them die with these children because they had gone through so much to adopt them.

        She talked about the “Holding Room” that they were in at the Detroit Airport and I think briefly about trying to find the mystery videographer.

        The interview wrapped up by stating that they were going back to pick up a brother of the children that they were adopting. the Mom/passenger jokingly asked if their was an effecient way R/T by Boat!!

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