As I was watching Geraldo covering the Haitian crisis on the Fox News channel tonight, I welled up with tears of compassion for the people of this destroyed island. The wall to wall babies sleeping on the dirt at the House of the Children of God Orphanage stirred my heart with such a desire to help, to go, to somehow be the hands and feet of God in this unbelievable devastation. Here is a special video about these orphans: Orphans Left Without Sustenance In Haiti

I was also moved with pride for the work of Americans and the great achievement that our military has accomplished by getting the airport moving at 100 planes a day: around the clock, carrying in supplies and help, and carrying out those who are able to leave.

One of the last interviews of the evening was with Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian organization that was in Haiti within twenty-four hours, providing needed help, setting up a hospital, supplying doctors and needed medical supplies.

God was given great credit in many of the interviews. His name was invoked time and again by the Haitians, and by those coming into help the rescue effort. There was a real recognition that only God is able to meet the great need in Haiti through His provision. Even the children at the House of the Children of God Orphanage were singing songs about Him, to help keep their young spirits up. In great tragedy, God is present.

One other thought impressed itself upon my mind and though controversial, I must point it out. America, a Christian nation, is serving the Haitian people. Many other organizations and countries are present giving their best to help to this effort. In the name of goodness, if not in the name of God, people are doing what they can. But one religion, making front page news for crimes against humanity, is never present in times of need, to lend a helping hand; and that is the religion of Islam. If this religion is so peaceful, then why aren’t there any peace loving Muslims giving aid to the Haitian people? One never hears of the great work done in the name of Allah for desperate lives hit by earthquakes and hurricanes. One never sees Islamic missionaries coming to the aid of individuals when tragedy strikes. The contrast between Islam and Christianity is dramatic in this kind of situation. Only Christianity comes in the name and love of Jesus Christ, to help those in impossible circumstances; those who follow Islam never can be found.

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  1. A very good point, and one that our president would do well to remember. He made it very clear that he does not feel we are a “Christian Nation,” and yet it is Christian organizations from the United States and around the world that are moving mountains in Haiti. Now is the time for all Christians to stand up and show what it is that, with God’s help, we can accomplish. Maybe that is what we are all doing right now…
    .-= Tracey Porreca´s last blog ..Stay on the horn until November folks! =-.

  2. “If this religion is so peaceful, then why aren’t there any peace loving Muslims giving aid to the Haitian people?”

    Have you tried doing a web search for “Islamic relief Haiti”? I did and found a few links:



    Maybe there are more? Granted the response is not as large as that from Christian organizations but Islam does not seem to have the presence in the West like Christianity.

    And it might not be fair to to stereotype Muslims as people that are uncaring about earthquake victims. Just an opinion from a guy who once worked with some caring Muslims.
    .-= Kansas Bob´s last blog ..Remembering Martin =-.

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