I hate watching returns. My stomach does flips and churns with every percentage point that goes up or down. But here I sit riveted to my chair, and my stomach is beginning to settle as it appears that Scott Brown will indeed hold a Massachusetts senate seat. Oh what a difference a month can make!

This reaffirms my belief that people are smart and are paying attention. It seems as though there really has been an awakening. The people are making their voices heard with their votes.

Congratulations to the people of Massachusetts for regaining the peoples’ seat and turning the tide, or at least stemming it. Brown may not be the answer to all of our prayers, but he’ll do for now.

It will be interesting to see the ripple effect this has on the rest of the Democratic Party and all those carrying a Progressive agenda. I predict more retirements. I’m just not sure those seeking re-election are ready to face informed voters and stomach the returns awaiting them in November.

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