I apologize that the formal announcement of our 2009 Caffeinated Conservative Award was put on the back burner after our 2009 recipient was informally announced.  Life circumstances, work and timely blog subjects prevented me from posting this sooner.  We had several nominated by our contributors for this most coveted prize: Glenn Beck, Congressman Ron Paul (*cough, cough*, thanks Emily), Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Edwin Feulner (of The Heritage Foundation), but one came in on top after you, our readers, had the chance to vote on the nominees.  Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was selected by you with 45% of the vote.

Why is she is a worthy recipient?  Let’s consider the following:

She has further defined what it means to be a “common sense conservative,” and has positioned herself to be a voice of the people.  She has proven that she doesn’t need a title to do so.  I don’t know what her future entails.  But 2010 is off to a great start with her new role with Fox News, giving some terrific interviews, and plans for further speeches and stumping for candidates.

Well she isn’t retreating after all, just reloading.


  1. After reading her book, I think even more highly of her! She is truly an American Patriot! You should send her a message on FB and let you know! She would love this!

  2. Also, If you saw Sarah go through over 1500 people at her book signing at the Mall of America with all of the energy and purpose that she displayed with all that she met day day.(A senario repeated thoughout her book tour) One just has to be amazed by the sheer physical achievement of those book signings. Plus the ablilty of her being able to at least “be there” for each individual who wanted to meet her. She really wanted to “be there” as much as she could for each person even though we only generally had around 10-15 seconds with her.

    Strength of character for someone to genuinely greet each person, when many of us were so, so nervous and full of admiration for this person. As some of us where walking up the stairs, we were wondering, “What if I faint?” 🙂

  3. “She knocked her first first public appearance after her resignation out of the part by bolstering ”

    I believe the analogy you are trying to draw here is “…knocked her… out of the park”. That is she hit a homerun by hitting the ball out of the park.

  4. When Americans had voted for Obama in 2008 POTUS, it was a One Big Ass Mistake of the Americans way back in 2008 that further increased unemployment, deficits and instability in the United States. If Americans will not vote Palin on 2012 as POTUS, It will become the biggest mistake of the American people and it can therefore be concluded that Americans, although highly educated, are really stupid and without clear common sense

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