“We need to end the war,” Fox said. “It’s time to debate legalizing drugs,” he said, adding, “Then maybe we can separate violence from what is a health problem.”

How does legalizing evil stem the tide? As we have seen with the slippery slope of pornography and obscenity in the recent Iowa “Minor Stripgate”, there is nothing redeeming in legalized evil, it only opens the door for the proponents of immorality to push their agenda, hoping the world will give up the fight and succumb.
How does a former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, have any right to teach America about what we must do to help solve a drug war, when his own administration was complicit in the problem of Mexico?

I have been to Tijuana, Mexico and the blight which the government has done nothing to solve is devastating. Driving from beautiful San Diego, California into a third world nation is shocking  and the children caught in the middle of this corruption dis-heartening, but legalizing something that destroys souls is not the answer to a moral problem. Fox urged the United States to continue helping fight drug-related crime and violence in his country. “It’s a shared responsibility and a shared problem,” he said.

This is a shared problem, because the drugs are smuggled into our country and destroy lives here, but making it legal only validates the evil and destruction, it doesn’t stamp it out.

According to the U.S. Boarder Patrol.com “The violence is so bad that Tijuana’s citizens have held mass protests in public squares and street marches packed with thousands all to call attention to their plight.”

We take a stand against violence and immorality in America, we don’t legalize it so that it is no longer “illegal” and therefore not a problem.  The logic of Fox to legalize drugs in order to stem the wave of violence makes as much sense as the the judge who ruled that children can dance at a strip club.  This is what the world is coming to if we do not stand against it.  It may seem easier to turn a blind eye and deaf ear and let life just roll on by, but the end result is the death of our society. We too will be Tijuana-ized if we follow the foolish ramblings of Vicente Fox.

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