Sarah Palin turns 46 today, in honor of her birthday please consider making a donation to SarahPAC.  More importantly if you do you will help common sense conservatives get elected.

Happy Birthday Governor!

Some miscellaneous Palin links:

Consider this an open thread, and also be sure (if you haven’t already) to become a fan of Sarah Palin on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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  1. I wish Sarah Palin a happy birthday. However in order to have many “happy returns,” I would suggest to her that she should have quit while she was ahead. Think twice before you “donate” to Sarahpac – where is that money going? Apparently a whole bunch of it went to buy more of her books. Even though Sarah Palin accuses the democrats of being “non transparent,” she is about as non transparent as they come. Just read the emails she wrote that were finally released. Talk about hiding the facts from the public. I’m from Alaska and we are so glad she is out of office. She did not quit because she didn’t want to burden Alaskans with a lame duck president..she quit because she was no longer able to govern!! Just ask Republicans and Democrats alike -no one could work with her! The only platform she is standing on is one of blame and finger pointing. She definitely is no Ronald Reagan. He was a veracious reader. A hint -reading really helps! I think what bothers me the most about Sarah Palin is how much of a hypocrite she has become. You cannot practice a double standard in politics because you will be held accountable.

    1. @Catrina Pearl, You demonstrate that you don’t know anything about fundraising and/or publishers. Anyway rather than get into a lengthy explanation to address your book comment I’d suggest you read this –

      Regarding the emails – there wasn’t anything there, please – I addressed that here –

      So what that you are from Alaska. I know plenty of people from Alaska who support her. Living somewhere doesn’t make you knowledgeable or right. For instance, there are people in Iowa who think that Governor Chet Culver is doing a fabulous job. I would trade in a heartbeat.

      Yeah I know she’s just horrible – got your pipeline moving. Ethics laws which were used inappropriately to hammer her. She reduced your budget and built up your surplus so Alaska was about as prepared as it could be when the recession came. Your state is in pretty good shape as a result.

      Regarding governing, she was extremely popular prior to running for VP. Did she change or did the environment change? Because I’m sure Andree McLeod or the Alaska Democrats did *nothing* to contribute to the problem.

      Regarding reading, please… if you read Going Rogue or read her op/eds you know that she is well read.

  2. I just saw this post, on the sidebar feed of Pro-Life Blogs; I didn’t even know it was her birthday today (“today,” here in IL, is still less than an hour old!… Though I guess in her state, it’s still to come!)

    Happy [EARLY! ;-] Birthday, Sarah!!

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