Anytime I talk about Bob Vander Plaats, I feel like I have to clarify that I really like the guy overall.  Seems nice enough.  I’m with him philosophically on most everything outside of School Choice.  I also appreciate his zeal on the marriage issue.

However, I saw this video and it solidified my opinion that Vander Plaats may have the least effective plan for attacking the Marriage issue facing Iowa:

As I watch this I notice two things:

  1. He never fully explains the one thing that would give teeth to his Executive Order: Jurisdiction/Authority of the Governor.  I think he’s relying on Article IV sections 8 & 9 to explain how he’d have the authority to enforce the DOMA on County Recorders.  However, there are many at the capitol and elsewhere that insist the Governor does not have jurisdiction over elected county officials.  I need that explained from the Vander Plaats camp and have not yet.  Has this been done before in Iowa or a state with similar Constitutional Language
  2. Vander Plaats doesn’t even think it’ll really work.  Is he asking me to vote for him so he can embarrass and emasculate the movement to overturn the Supreme Court’s Ruling?  What I’m hearing from conservatives and liberals at the capitol backs up the argument in the article that it’d be hard to find a court anywhere that would agree with Vander Plaats’ argument he has authority over County Recorders or those authorized to solemnize marriages.

I’m left watching the Vander Plaats’ YouTube video explaining why the Constitutional Convention is such a bad idea and am confused.  He says it plays fast and loose with the Constitution.  It could also be argued that it’s the people’s way to send a mandate to Gronstal and Murphy they want a vote on marriage.  Sounds consistent with Vander Plaat’s populist message on the subject.

I feel I have two choices:  support Vander Plaats even though he thinks it will probably lead to his impeachment which would, in my opinion, set back the cause considerably or support the other candidates’ solutions including consensus building after an election that will hopefully change the political equation at the capitol, a Constitutional Convention initiated by the people, a judge retention vote that could instill fear in the judiciary, vetoes to stand off with the Legislature, etc.

In the meantime, social conservatives need to win over the hearts and minds of Iowans one at a time.  Can we rise to the challenge?  We’ve proven historically that we struggle to affect culture through the Biblical means of prayer and the loving of our neighbors and instead have relied largely on anger, protest, and the tip of the sword.  When church leaders passionately and lovingly lead their peers toward Truth and the political winds change favorably due to an engaged citizenry – only then will the Legislature and our Constitution truly reflect the will of the people.  I think we can all agree on that.

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