I have an idea. The citizens of Iowa that live in Johnson County (Iowa City/Coralville) are a special kind of Iowan. They are mostly left of center politically much in the way San Francisco is to California.

So I was thinking about a way they could do their thing and the rest of the state could do theirs and I just realized they already have a capitol building (see above).

Why not let Johnson County secede from the state and form a semi-autonomous state? They already have the capitol and infrastructure to self-govern. They are a political demographic unique across the state. This is a win-win!

There are some details to work out. For example, would they have their own National Guard or hire out ours for crowd control and flood relief? When they become a safe-haven for illegal immigrants will we give them safe passage in and out of Johnson County as long as they use the I-80 corridor between Iowa City and Illinois? Will they still use the state pension program or start their own?

I’m sure we can work out these details. The rest of the state would do well to watch their progressive policies and culture and glean from it what is worth gleaning. They could be an example to us all.

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  1. Things must be pretty frustrating at the Statehouse today. Please do share the context of this post because it had me laughing out loud.

    I think it’s a brilliant idea!

  2. Not everyone from Johnson County is a lost cause. There are at least 20 Amish folks and the 5 members of my own family that I would vouch for…

  3. As a registered Johnson County Republican this is funny, really, no, I enjoyed it. I had a local conservative point out to me today that Johnson County ranks #5 in the state for the number of registered Republicans. There is a fun fact for your next Capital City confab. Okay, let me let you in on a little secret..just between us…we have lulled the liberals into a false sense of security. So watch out, just when you least expect it.,,,,

    Nice article! 🙂

  4. Actually I think we rank more like 9 or 10 in regiseted Rs, but we still have more than Sioux County. But percentage wise, they’re waaaay more R than we are D. (Can we give them to South Dakota?)

  5. I’m thinking the county as a whole is not a lost cause. Let’s just let Iowa City and Coralville secede – including the University of Iowa, but only if they fund it themselves. Maybe we’ll throw in North Liberty if they’re really nice and let us keep Coral Ridge Mall.

    Seriously, though – there really is a fine, strong group of Johnson County Republicans that is very active and engaged. We’re small, but persistent!

  6. I am not ready to cede all of Coralville to the Dems. How about east of the Iowa River and south of I80, the GOP can have the rest!

    The President is coming to Johnson County on Thursday. He obviously thinks it is in jeopardy for 2012! Just sayin……

    🙂 Glad to see some folks can have some good natured fun here!

    1. @Karen Fesler, oh, no, no, no. We keep Kinnick, Carver-Hawkeye, and UIHC. I can live without the mall, but by rights we liberals should get all the bike trails. Just makes sense.

      We haven’t negotiated the fate of University Heights yet…

  7. Bike trails..yours…no problem. No bikes on roads then (sorry Mark!) UIHC, Carver-Hawkeye, Kinnick need to be in the DMZ, though.


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