N.T. Wright who is the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England is a leading New Testament scholar.  Though his position on justification is controversial he does nail it here.

HT: Adrian Warnock

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  1. Anyone who has experienced Miracles in life, knows by their own experience that the Miracle of the Resurrection is a reality. I am a fully trained medical professional and I and many of my colleagues witness when the hand of God enters into the stream of the Natural world. The Natural Laws stretch and make room for the Touch of God.

  2. Well, he’s definitely wrong that Jesus was the only messianic figure that was claimed to have risen from the dead. At least Apollonius of Tyana was said to have risen from the dead, and that particular resurrection motif goes back as far as Osiris and Gilgamesh. The fact is Christianity wasn’t really all that unique among the many religious movements of the time, but was unique in having the favor of emperor Constantine.

    I wish he’d actually given this argument of his that is supposed to be so convincing, instead of just bragging that he’d convinced some atheist. I’m sorry, Shane, but the historical evidence for the historicity of the resurrection, or even the historicity of an empty tomb, just isn’t there, no matter what this guys says.
    .-= Guy Incognito´s last blog ..Bonejangles Therapy Part II =-.

    1. @Guy Incognito, I don’t even know why I bother…

      I didn’t realize Apollonius, Osiris and Gilgamesh would have been considered Messianic in the Jewish sense of the word? Could it be that you misunderstood what he meant here?

      And I’ve already discussed said “motif” much of which I think is a stretch or misconstrued at least to the point to say Christianity borrowed from it.

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