We got the U.S. Census form yesterday (or I just noticed it yesterday).  Looking at the questions I saw only one that should be required by law.

The first one.

How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010?

I think they just disenfranchised those who live on boats.  If you live on a boat you can’t possibly answer the rest of the questions…. but I digress.

The second question is a waste of ink.  Then the questions about whether you rent or own, phone number, sex (hey isn’t this now considered discriminatory?), race, and age seem, to me to be irrelevant.  I know they have their reasons for it, but it is likely for programs which they don’t have constitutional authority to do anyway.  Then don’t get me started on how much was spent on those stupid commercials (especially the one that played during the Super Bowl).

Since they asked irrelevant questions (minus one) for the purpose of determining Congressional seats (not that they follow the Constitution regarding that), I figure we should have a chance to ask some questions and waste ink and paper.  Why not?  It’s just taxpayer money, it’s not like you have to pay for it… oh wait.

Here are some questions that I think should be on the 2020 Census form.

  • Have you ever been abducted by aliens? (Wouldn’t you like to know the percentage of our population who believe they experienced this?  If we had been able to ask this in 2010 it perhaps would have shed a lot of light on the 2008 elections).
  • Here’s a question that should have been included 2010… are you an alien?  (No, not the extraterrestrial kind, but rather the illegal variety, though I suppose ET would be in violation of our immigration laws as well.)
  • Boxers or briefs?  (only for the men of course), hey if it was good enough for President Clinton, it should be good enough for you.

You can write yours in the comment section below.

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  1. Got ours the yesterday as well. Husband decided since all but #1 were unConstitutional, he would send it in with only #1 filled in. “Thanks,” I said, “you know I will be home when they come to harrass me for the other answers, not you!”

    I despise the “race” question, as, I insist, we are all of the human race-though your proposed question would seal the deal on that one too. Seriously though, my grandmother is hispanic, but I am far more Swede than anything, so why should i have to say that I’m hispanic and let them think my district needs funding for Spanish-speaking teachers??

    My vote for the next census question is: “What is your Body Mass Index?” or, “How overweight are you?” I mean, if Obama-Care passes, we need an obeseometer to provide fat areas with enough funding to make us Barak-skinny, right?

  2. I tried to convince my hubby to just fill out question #1 but he doesn’t want to get harassed or fined. How sad that the government can bully people into it. I can see the point of finding out how old the people who live in a house are since it helps the cities plan for school needs and such (assuming the cities get the data), but there is NO reason they need to know my race.
    I had someone tell me they wished the census asked about kids/adults with disabilities and about indoor plumbing or lack thereof.

  3. How many of the 57 States have you lived in the past 10 years? Can you prove it? Are you planning on moving to Hawaii which will be benefiting from the Louisiana Provision as Our President has said?

  4. If you remember, the 2000 census had a long form that a small percentage of households received. The 10 questions on this year’s census certainly didn’t appear to be intrusive at all, unless you are really paranoid. I didn’t get the feeling I was forced into answering the questions, but I do realize that if I don’t that a census worker will probably have to come to my house. I sure don’t want that extra expense for the government.

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