bradzaun From the Zaun for Congress Campaign:

Today, State Senator Brad Zaun called on Congressman Leonard Boswell to denounce the “self-executing rule” being discussed in the U.S. House.

Under this potential plan, U.S. Representatives would be able to vote on the health care bill without really voting on the plan. According to news reports today, House Democrats are strongly considering using this option.

“For members of Congress to want to hide behind a procedural vote should speak volumes about how toxic and misguided the current health care bill is. I’m asking Congressman Boswell to step up, denounce this tactic and call for an up or down vote,” said Zaun.

“People in the 3rd District are tired of the games being played in Washington. Change will come and it will come in a big way this November. Washington’s arrogance will be put to bed,” concluded Zaun.

Zaun, former city council member and mayor of Urbandale, represents the northwest part of Des Moines and all of Urbandale in his second term as a Senator in the Iowa legislature. Zaun is a Vice President of R&R Realty. Previously, Zaun worked for a John Deere dealership, then owned a hardware store in Urbandale for 18 years and served as President of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce. Zaun is married and has five children.

  1. I’m not sure State Senator Zaun has it quite correct. Voting on the measure passes both the Senate’s version and the House’s modifications (such as removing the Nebraska giveaway) at the same time. They are voting on a plan; clearly. Part of the reason for this method is that the House Democrats really don’t want to be seen as passing the Senate version as it stands now in its entirety.

    Unfortunately, the Republicans in the Senate have made it crystal clear that they’re prepared to filibuster the process with every chance they get, hence the health care reform supporters have to go through the reconciliation process and do this dance.

    If Sen. Zaun wished to be more consistent in his desire for ‘up or down voting” perhaps he should call on Senate Republicans to promise they won’t filibuster the conventional resolution process and allow up-or-down voting on changes that otherwise have to go through the reconciliation process.

    The facts are, people who don’t like a bill will whine about procedural issues and those that want the bill to pass will happily use what methods they may. This is true regardless of which party is in power. It’s standard Kabuki theater of political hypocrisy, which is why I really don’t hold Zaun’s statements against him: He is, after all, a politician and this is part of the sausage-making aspect of legislation.

  2. Zaun will have to get in line. Boswell may be waiting for Zaun to denounce Grassley first.

  3. Zaun was pushing for the film tax incentives shortly before the whole thing exploded in the taxpayers’ faces . . .
    Good hardworking Iowans need to stand up and realize that it’s not “One nation under corporations” . . . it’s “One nation under God” . . .
    Republicans need to change the name of their party to the “Corporate Profit Protection” party . . . and yes, I vote . . .

  4. Hester, as you very well know, Culver was the one responsible for the film tax incentive…NOT the legislature.

    Senator Zaun has been an outstanding representative of the people, and one we have been able to trust. (not something you can say about all)

    Many of us appreciate the focus Senator Zaun has on lower taxes, less spending, and less government in our lives. He has done a great job, and will so in congress too!

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