Jim Gibbons’ campaign just released this web ad today, their first  What do you think?

I think it was well done, upbeat and positive. It would be really easy to go negative. 

Also in regards to his residency, I’d like to hear from you.  Does residency matter?  Gibbons leased an apartment in Des Moines.  His family still resides in Perry.  Perry is in Iowa’s Fourth District and is about 35-40 minutes Northwest of Des Moines.  Gibbons attends church in Des Moines, Basilica of St. John, has worked in West Des Moines, and had been a resident of Urbandale before moving to Perry.  He’s lived in Central Iowa almost his entire life.  He said he didn’t want to uproot his family in the middle of a school year.  He also said he “wanted to run against the first liberal I could find.”  Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District is represented by Congressman Tom Latham.

Some say it matters a lot, and others say “why should it?

For me looking at the Constitutional requirements… you have to be 25 years-of-age and a resident of Iowa.  Check, check.  Gibbons understands Iowa’s Third District, has worked, worshiped and lived here and frankly for me it isn’t an issue I’ll be considering.  Now I want to be clear, I have not endorsed a candidate in this race and I don’t plan to.  I don’t frankly even know who I’m going to vote for yet.  I’ve narrowed it down, but haven’t made my final decision yet.  I’m just not going to let this particular question of residency be the trump card.

What say you?

  1. Weird, didn’t see “Paid for by Gibbons for Congress” at the end. Oh well. I agree it may have been easy to go negative but that would be pretty devastating I think for the first TV ad in a campaign.

  2. shane, as has been repeated on many sites, the issue isn’t so much the residency as the fibbing about it. combine that with the fibs on facebook and the Gibbons website about hometown, work history, where he lives, and the false filing of residency on the petition paperwork where he claimed des moines as his residence, and you have a clear picture of a candidate blatantly misrepresenting himself to appeal in an increased way to des moines voters.

    honesty and moral values count. Gibbons on that basis is not a good choice for the 3rd district.

  3. I don’t think someone is going to base their vote on Gibbons current place of residence. Why should it if he has worked in Des Moines, besides he is an Iowa native, lived here his whole life. I don’t think you can say he does not understand the issues that affect Iowans. I think people are putting to much into where he lives, i think it is probably his opponents and their cronies that are really trying to stir the pot in this regard.

    Gibbons obviously is a force to be reckoned with, he has outraised his opponents by a staggering number. Besides that i like what the guy has to say, he wants to reduce spending. I have 4 kids and I am fearful of what they are going to inherit when they get to the age where they are going to start paying taxes. Do we really want to have a European system where half your wages go to the government. I don’t think so.

    1. Steve – Is Gibbons a force to be reckoned with or is he bought and paid for by special interests? I don’t know but I have read a posting bragging Jim raised more money in one quarter than all candidates combined. He has learned answers recently. Prior to May, he never answered a question directly. Now his he has memorized answers. Dave Funk had to provide the citation to the DSM Editorial Board when they questioned Jim where his numbers were from. Jim lies about living in Des Moines. He doesn’t like to talk to the actual residence of the 3rd district unless they give him money. Jim seems like what we have now with Leonard Boswell. Jim Gibbons — paid for by special interest.

      1. So i gather that since Jim Gibbons knows people that have money and are willing to fund his campiagn that he now taking money from special interests. That is such a lame argument, he raised more money, therefore he is corrupt.

        He probably does not answer the question about his residency becuase it is irrelevent. What does that have to do with what he will do if he were elected. I accept his reasoning why has not moved into the district yet. I am sure that if he is elected he will live in the 3rd district. Also how do you know he does not like to talk to people from the 3rd district, do you follow him around and check out he is talking to. You better come up with some better stuff if you are planning on slamming someone.

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