image Some miscellany during the weekend, it’s too nice to be blogging today, but I’m home sick so here we are:

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  1. I agree that Media Matters probably doesn’t have the GOP’s best interests in mind and I doubt the GOP follows it. Yet, the fact that info is relayed via Media Matters doesn’t make it false. It is in fact true that McConnell solicited support from hedge fund managers and other bankers, the very group that the current bill is geared to regulate and a community that was supported by the previous bailout. The $50b fund which seems to be raising a hullabaloo is not a bailout provision, it’s for tidy *liquidation* of defunct institutions. There is background information that McConnell is outright ignoring or obfuscating in his statements.

    I personally want to see the regulations drafted tighter to rule out some of the loopholes and exempted categories. This is something that some in the GOP had advocated earlier. Still, we’ve yet to see McConnell propose positive changes in this area. Really, the Senator has been largely rudderless and lost at sea for some time now. Apparently the fiscally responsible and economically cognizant leaders within the GOP are not getting heard or leading the party in this domain. That’s very unfortunate.

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