image Everyone is either being persecuted or profiled these days; at least it seems that way when you listen to various news program guests speaking from various views.

In Arizona, for instance, demonstrators against the newly signed law allowing police officers to demand proof of citizenship papers claim that this will lead to racial profiling.  Can it be avoided? Should it?

Immigration laws are a mess. Federal officers and even American ranchers are being murdered either by illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border or by drug cartel executioners.  Our country voices a disdain for Latino immigrants, yet loves the low wages they will accept in the service industry.  What’s the answer?

Some Americans say to just enforce the immigration laws on the books, yet we cut the forces assigned to the task. Others want blanket amnesty for all illegals in the country and then an installation of tougher laws and punishments. Still others want to round up millions of illegals and ship them back south.

Then there are the real people, the illegals, involved in all of this. As an example: If one of the largest drug cartels in Mexico came into your area (which happens to border the United States) and began burning churches and threatening your children with death, what would you do? If you lived in absolute poverty under a massively corrupt government and you dreamed of a life in a free and prosperous country just across the border, what would you do?

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not advocating a free-for-all entrance of illegals into the United States. I’m just trying to point out that the issue is not black and white.

As for racial profiling in Arizona and other border states, it is a dangerous possibility. Not dangerous right now for the average American citizen, but it does set a precedent. We mustn’t forget the persecution of Japanese Americans in the 1940s that was possible only because their race was recognizable. Nor should we forget that Hitler began most of his outrageous practices by starting with laws that seemed “logical” to the Germans, and then used those precedents to advance his most aberrant policies.

Yet, why would a police officer in Arizona question someone about immigration papers who pretty obviously doesn’t’ fit the look or language of the average illegal Mexican immigrant? Then again, if people not fitting the profile were checked, we might stop a lethal terrorist from entering our country.

Making illegals eligible for education benefits, driver’s licenses, and medical care seems not only wrong, but undoubtedly draws more immigrants to try to enter the country illegally. There have even been lawsuits trying to establish the “rights of illegal aliens”.  Let’s face it; there is something wrong with that phrase. It is also silly to try to justify preferential treatment by redefining “illegal” by calling it “undocumented”.  On the other hand, is it right for the richest country in the world to turn its back on those who need help?

Most illegal aliens are trying to lay low while being good citizens of the country they want to call home. Others are criminals either causing havoc on our streets or costing our states a fortune to keep them incarcerated. Both groups distrust any promise that our government might make to them.

As an American setting aside my religious beliefs, I have to say that we need to block the borders, round up the illegals and either test them for citizenship or toss them out. However, as a serious Christian I have to be aware of how Jesus would answer the dilemma. Would He ignore those who want freedom and a good life? Would He jail and then boot them out?

I hope that I’ve made the point that the difficulties concerning our immigration problems are more complicated than they may seem on the surface. Very few problems in our world today are easy to solve.  What will our government do to help the immigration situation? Should the states be allowed to pursue their own answers? What is your answer to the immigration question? I’d love to get your feedback on this.

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