If you are reading this on Caffeinated Thoughts’ site then you’ll notice something different.  This the third template change I’ve made since hosting Caffeinated Thoughts myself, and it is probably the biggest.  And I wanted to do it to better serve you.

So let me point out a few things that are different.

  • The featured content box on the home page.  This is so we can highlight some of our pieces that we think should stand out even after they get pushed off the home page.
  • Tabbed sidebar so we can offer more ways for you to find content without it taking up so much space in our sidebars.
  • Up in the navigation bar you see “contributors” all of our contributors have bio/content pages so it is easier for you to find posts by a specific author.
  • Featured down at the bottom is our four primary categories – Caffeinated Politics, Caffeinated Faith, Caffeinated Culture, and Caffeinated Miscellany.  Those will show the last 10 posts in each of those categories.  Almost all of our subcategories like “Economy/Taxes” or “Daily Bible Reading” fall under one of those headings.  I wanted to do this so people who are not very interested in politics, but likes reading and discussing theology could find that content easier,  etc.
  • Author and Category feeds – Don’t want to subscribe to the whole enchilada (even though we hope you do)?  That’s ok you can subscribe to a particular contributor’s feed or category feed.  Go to a contributor’s page or a category page and you’ll find it where your browser alerts you about RSS feeds.
  • Switched from showing full content to excerpts (lists in archives) in multi-post pages so you can skim through the material faster to get to what you want to read.  I know some of you are in the habit of just checking out the home page, but I’d encourage you to click to read the whole post (and leave a comment).
  • Another change that has been made (a few days ago) is that if you view Caffeinated Thoughts from a mobile device we have a new plug-in that detects CT is being viewed by a mobile device and switches to a mobile-friendly template.  You can switch that feature off if you would rather look at the primary template.

So there you have it.  Let me know what you think about the changes.

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