image I’m typically a supporter of police departments, but there’s something wrong with the Largo, FL Police Department.

Let me sum the news story I read at WTSP Channel 10’s website via Fox News.

18-year-old granddaughter who was kicked out Catholic school for telling a nun to F-off.  Nice huh?  She’s staying as a guest at her 73-year-old grandmothers house and her grandmother is letting her use her computer to take online courses.  Granddaughter didn’t do what she was told and the Grandmother got after her.  Granddaughter starts dropping F-bombs and tells her grandmother and family to F-off (wouldn’t you like this girl in your home?).  Grandmother slaps granddaughter, granddaughter drops more F-bombs and punches grandmother.  Police come arrest the grandmother.

You can watch the news report here:

The police department spokesperson said, “"If an officer on scene finds probable cause to arrest a person, because they’ve committed domestic battery, then our policy is a mandatory arrest of that person."

Then why didn’t they arrest the granddaughter as well?


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