image I’m typically a supporter of police departments, but there’s something wrong with the Largo, FL Police Department.

Let me sum the news story I read at WTSP Channel 10’s website via Fox News.

18-year-old granddaughter who was kicked out Catholic school for telling a nun to F-off.  Nice huh?  She’s staying as a guest at her 73-year-old grandmothers house and her grandmother is letting her use her computer to take online courses.  Granddaughter didn’t do what she was told and the Grandmother got after her.  Granddaughter starts dropping F-bombs and tells her grandmother and family to F-off (wouldn’t you like this girl in your home?).  Grandmother slaps granddaughter, granddaughter drops more F-bombs and punches grandmother.  Police come arrest the grandmother.

You can watch the news report here:

The police department spokesperson said, “"If an officer on scene finds probable cause to arrest a person, because they’ve committed domestic battery, then our policy is a mandatory arrest of that person."

Then why didn’t they arrest the granddaughter as well?


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  1. Upon reading about this incident regarding the grandmother being arrested, I have to speak up and say kudos to the grandmother for putting up with this snot nosed ungreatfull and disrespectful animal. Yes animal. This new generation have become animals making demands, not owning up to their mistakes and thinking that the world owes them everything.
    We have gotten away from disciplining our youth and thanks to the Largo Police Department will now fear our youth. Now kids are going to pull this stuff just to get a kick out of their new found power and break what shred of family unity is left. Either the arresting officer was a green horn rookie cop or was raised on Dr. Spocks book. Who wears the pants at that cops home???

  2. Good for you Grandma! What is wrong with this world???? Perhaps the arresting officer should also get a slap for just plain STUPIDITY. Maybe if her granddaughter had been slapped sooner she would learn to have some respect for what Grandma is trying to do–HELP THE SPOILED BRAT GET AN EDUCATION. Kick her out on her butt and let the world slap her, because if you think the outside world is going to put up with that your mistaken.

    I do not believe in REAL cases of abuse and there is a need for intervention, but come on really a 73 year old grandmother. Welcome to the new age where kids do whatever they please and there are no rules. Then they grow up into even bigger idiots.

  3. You know, Shane, when you say that you “generally support police” it doesn’t really mean much, unless you support them when the going gets tough. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with a number of Floridas sheriffs and police officers who handle domestic disputes, and they are without fail the finest people you could ever talk with. Domestic disputes are always ugly, and the law is the way it is for a reason. That woman shouldn’t have raised a hand to her grandchild, and since she did she has to deal with the consequences. I’m sure it was very tough on the arresting officer to bring a 73 year old woman to jail, but it was her actions that necessitated this result, it was not the officers fault. These police officers did their jobs, and executed the law as they were required to do, and I salute them for it. Actually, I’m a little surprised at you, Shane, it’s a very liberal attitude to blame the police for doing their jobs.
    .-= Guy Incognito´s last blog ..Bonac the Magnificent =-.

    1. Guy, I know a lot of police officers as well, and they are some of the finest people I know as well. This was just plain dumb, but since the 18-year-old also hit the grandmother she should have been arrested as well.

      At least be consistent.

      So, I expect that you’ll support Arizona policeman who arrest illegal aliens as they do their job, right?

  4. First of all, police officers don’t have the luxury of common sense when the law says otherwise. It might have been “plain dumb” but that is the the officer’s prerogative, he is there to enforce the law as written. I don’t know why the granddaughter wasn’t arrested, but it’s presumptuous of you to assume that the arrested officer somehow failed to do his duty in that regard. The reason that arrests are mandatory in cases of domestic violence is because the victims so often recant and take the side of their abusers, which is the case here as well. If you don’t like that law, Shane, then I suggest you move down to Largo and vote in the next election. Otherwise we here in Florida don’t need Iowans telling us how our laws should be and how our police should enforce them.

    Secondly, yes, if a police officer enforces that controversial Arizona law, then I would applaud him for doing his duty. It isn’t up to the police officers to decide what laws are ok to enforce and what aren’t, that isn’t their role.
    .-= Guy Incognito´s last blog ..Bonac the Magnificent =-.

  5. If the law of the land is to incinerate a group of people because of race, would police officer carry out the order? Just because it the law does not mean it is just or morally right. Just look back at our history and many police officer have blindly followed orders in the name of the law. A policy written by the Chief of police is guideline (misguided) only and must have some exception to the rules. Otherwise lets employ a robot (RoboCop) to protective and serve. Life is not black and white and many officer knows that. Unfortunately, the politicians including of Chief of the police, are not interested in serving the law but saving their political career and getting elected.

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