image Color me confused.  Iowans for Tax Relief has never endorsed in a Republican primary.  Why start now?  Yet here they are, endorsing former Governor Terry Branstad.  What I find strange is that with the Branstad campaign press release there isn’t a statement included from Ed Failor, Jr. as to why Iowans for Tax Relief PAC is endorsing the only candidate in the race on both sides who has actually raised taxes.  I know that will eventually happen under Governor Chet Culver if he is re-elected.  His spending spree will make that an eventuality for him.  If not state taxes then we’ll definitely see property taxes go up.

While I disagreed with Iowa Family PAC’s endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats, it at least made some sense looking at their mission.  This doesn’t.  If they are unhappy with Bob Vander Plaats, then they have a better alternative in Rod Roberts who I think knocked it out of the park at their taxpayers’ day forum a few weeks ago.

They should have stuck with tradition.  Let the collective head scratching begin.

In related news – faux conservative Mitt Romney endorses Branstad, now that is an endorsement that actually makes sense.

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