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  1. You hear that? It’s the world’s tiniest violin playing a sad song for that ignorant British street preacher. Frankly, I hope they throw the book at him. They haven’t got a first amendment over there; what ever happened to the Christian obligation to follow the man made law?

    Also, off the top of my head, here’s ten reasons Sarah Palin would make a lousy president:
    1) She doesn’t read newspapers.
    2) She thought that Africa was a country.
    3) She has shown a pattern of unethical behavior in Alaska, by abusing her office to pursue personal vendettas, i.e. Troopergate.
    4) She has demonstrated breathtaking greed and pursuit of material wealth, raking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothing bills on the McCain campaign’s dime. One wonders what kind of a shopping spree she would go on as president.
    5) She has absolutely no shame when it comes to picking public fights the father of her own grandchild.
    6) She has no shame when it comes to picking public fights with anybody, for that matter, like David Letterman.
    7) She shoots wolves from a helicopter. I’m all for hunting, but that’s just unsportsmanlike.
    8) She believes in witchcraft and has condoned a well known witch-hunter.
    9) She has demonstrated an overall pattern of impulsive, emotional and reckless behavior. Precisely what we do not need in the office of president.
    10) She QUIT in the middle of her first term as governor (to pursue a multi-million dollar book tour, no less!). If she can fail the people of Alaska so totally, you have to wonder what she’d do when the job of president got too hard for her to handle.
    .-= Guy Incognito´s last blog ..Bonac the Magnificent =-.

    1. Your commentary about the British pastor is well, expected. Disappointing, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least. Read Acts, there are exceptions to that.

      Regarding your list:
      #1 – lie perpetuated by Palin hate blogs.
      #2 – see above
      #3 – all ethics charges dismissed and were filed by political opponents.
      #4 – lie, RNC purchased the clothes she had nothing to do with it, they weren’t worn and they were returned.
      #5 – do you have kids? Please.
      #6 – Shaking my head, you have no shame writing stupid lists like this under the cover of anonymity.
      #7 – Lie – she doesn’t shoot wolves from helicopters, the Alaska Game & Wildlife Department started that program before her and it is to keep them from decimating native Alaskans food source.
      #8 – What the heck are you talking about? The lie about her wanting to ban Harry Potter books from the Wasilla Library before they were even written?
      #9 – I think that’s been debunked since all you’ve listed here are lies.
      #10 – I’ve addressed that enough. I think it was a smart move for her and her family, and saved Alaska $$ since she was bogged down with frivolous ethics charges. Sean Parnell has been able to move their agenda forward without that crap.

      I know if you were offered a multi-million dollar book deal you’d turn it down. At least she didn’t work on it while she was a governor.

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