image I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  I’m spending this beautiful weekend recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed, but the plus side of that is… I can bring some items of interest to you.

So enjoy, but only after you’ve spent some time outside (unlike me).

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Latte Links (9/20)

Some reading I’ve done over the weekend.  Enjoy 🙂 Politico: Palin emerges…

Lots of Dads Find This Prom Picture Humorous

Jay Feely, a former kicker for the Chicago Bears and an NFL/college football analyst for CBS Sports, tweeted out a picture of his daughter and her prom date on Saturday that many dads can relate to, but Twitter had a meltdown.

Campaign Launch Connects Dots Between Porn And Human Trafficking

Kelvey Vander Hart: The #StopTheDemand campaign launched by Fight the New Drug capitalizes on connecting the dots between porn use and a greater demand for trafficked human beings (in a more clear description, SLAVES).

Chivalry Is Not Dead, At Least on the Wrestling Mat

I have tremendous respect for Joel Northup, a sophomore homeschooled student who…