image What if your child was told they could not go on a field trip because of the color of their skin?

That’s exactly what happened in Michigan.  Mike Madison, principal of Dicken Elementary School in Ann Arbor, MI, arranged a field trip to hear Alec Gallimore, an African-American aerospace engineering professor at the University of Michigan speak.

Sounds like a great, educational, low-cost trip.  Something that would inspire children’s dreams of working in the aerospace field, become an Astronaut or even explore engineering in general, right?  The only catch is, only students of the African-American academic support group were allowed to go.

No white children, Hispanic children, Asian children allowed.  Which is likely illegal in Michigan, under the state’s Proposal 2 which bans racial favoritism in public schools.

The decision was made to help close the achievement gap that exists between black students and other students in the school.  I understand wanting to inspire kids with an example of achievement.  The students attending would have been less inspired if children of other races were present?

While I’m sure there was no ill-intent, and they were trying to do what they thought was in the best interest of those kids.   Ann Arbor School District spokesperson, Liz Margolis, made the situation worse, in my opinion, when she said, "But we also have to have better education for our parents so they know why it’s being done.”

So if you don’t agree with this decision, and feel your child should have been able to go; you need an education?  Can you imagine if it were the opposite scenario today?

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  1. Where is the national outrage at the real segregated inequality of the Detroit school district?

    Its like the old folks talk about. Segregation is supported as long as it is second rate. A small group of students get something mildly helpful now folks are up in arms about special privileges. Meanwhile, not a word against Ferndale schools that ban Detroit students from its high school, only allowing them in the inferior tech school. They don’t ban the state dollars those students bring to the district from the Ferndale high school.

    You do know that Bobb represents corporate control of our public schools. The Michigan Appeals Court ruled against the elected school board and for corporate paid Bobb to be a dictator of our Detroit schools. Its just another stop on the hypocrisy railroad. So now you say black kids can’t even have a darn field trip or eat lunch with some other black kids. Freedom and liberty for all, unless you are not white. Hypocrites, liars, tyrants.

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