Rod-Roberts-2-300x292 Here’s the official press release from the Roberts for Lt. Governor Campaign:

Day 8 of the “Roberts for Lt. Governor” campaign finds the former State Representative from Carroll, IA gaining support among the party faithful. The effort, started by a small group of Western Iowa Republicans, has mushroomed into a statewide campaign.

Treynor, IA June 21, 2010 – What started as a local effort by a small group of Pottawattamie County Republicans has gotten bigger and gone statewide. The effort to get former State Representative Rod Roberts on the ticket as Governor Branstad’s running mate is gaining momentum, but time is short. The governor is expected to name his choice for Lt Governor this week, and expectations are high among Roberts’s supporters that the Governor will name Mr. Roberts as his Lt. Governor.

The list of party leaders publicly supporting Roberts is growing. The current count, as of Sunday night, is as follows,

  • 28 – Republican County Chairs
  • 10 – Republican State Representatives
  • 2 – Republican State Senators
  • 3 – Members and former members of the Republican State Central Committee

Sponsors of the “Roberts for Lt. Governor” campaign will be presenting the final list of party supporters, along with the public petition supporting this effort, to Governor Branstad’s Office Wednesday.

I’ll be involved in delivering the documents.

Here’s the updated list:

  • Representative Richard Anderson – Iowa House District 97
  • Dick Baber – Central Committee Member – Pottawattamie County Republican Party
  • Robert Bixby – Chairperson – Decatur County Republican Party
  • John Bloom – Chairperson – Polk County Republican Party
  • Senator Nancy Boettger – Iowa Senate District 29
  • Steve Cates – Chairperson – Pottawattamie County Republican Party
  • Therese Davis – Chairperson – Guthrie County Republican Party
  • Representative Dave Deyoe – Iowa House District 10
  • Representative Cecil Dolecheck –  Iowa House District 96
  • Sue Dyer – Finance Chairperson – Lee County Republican Party
  • Mike Engelhardt – Chairperson – Winneshiek County Republican Party
  • Randy Ericksen – Chairperson – Buena Vista County Republican Party
  • Jeff Gorball – Chairperson – Worth County Republican Party
  • Gary Guttau – Executive Committee Member – Pottawattamie County Republican Party
  • Mick Guttau – Former Superintendent of Banking under Governor Branstad (1995-1999); Chairman and CEO of Treynor State Bank
  • Judy Guttau – Board Member – Treynor State Bank
  • Mary Ann Hanusa – Republican Nominee for State Representative – House District 99
  • Representative David Heaton – Iowa House District 91
  • Senator Hubert Houser – Iowa Senate District 49
  • Reid Houser – Former Member – Iowa State Republican Central Planning Committee
  • Representative Daniel Huseman – Iowa House District 53
  • Larry Hustedt – Chairperson – Wright County Republican Party
  • Timothy Jensen – Chairperson – Monona County Republican Party
  • Charlie Johnson – Executive Committee Member – Pottawattamie County Republican Party
  • Jeff Jorgensen – Central Committee Member – Pottawattamie County Republican Party
  • Representative Kevin Koester – Iowa House District 70
  • Kevin Kruse – Chairperson – Union County Republican Party
  • Debbie Larson – Chairperson – Ringgold County Republican Party
  • Rachel Law – Chairperson – Ida County Republican Party
  • Mark Leeds – Chairperson – Cherokee County Republican Party
  • Don Lucas – Chairperson – Lee County Republican Party
  • Larry Madson – Chairperson – Shelby County Republican Party
  • Jackie Maddy – Chairperson – Monroe County Republican Party
  • Harold Massner – Chairperson – Des Moines County Republican Party
  • Representative Mike May – Iowa House District 6
  • Tim Moran – Member – Iowa State Republican Central Planning Committee
  • Gary McNutt – Central Committee Member – Mills County Republican Party
  • Sharon McNutt – Co-Chairperson – Mills County Republican Party
  • Shelia Murphy – Chairperson – Harrison County Republican Party
  • Ray Negley – Chairperson – Clark County Republican Party
  • Darin Raymond – Chairperson – Plymouth County Republican Party
  • Representative Thomas Sands – Iowa House District 87
  • Brian Schmidt – Chairperson – Clinton County Republican Party
  • Bill Shaw – Finance Chairperson – Audubon County Republican Party
  • Representative Chuck Soderberg – Iowa House District 3
  • Hank Sorenson – Chairperson – Adams County Republican Party
  • Shane Vander Hart – Central Committee Member – Polk County Republican Party
  • David Wampler – Chairperson – Wayne County Republican Party
  • Craig Williams – Chairperson – Carroll County Republican Party; Member – State Central Committee
  • Representative Gary Worthan – Iowa House District 52
  • Karen York – Chairperson – Page County Republican Party

You can join the online list by signing our petition (you have until 12:00am on 6/23/10) that will be delivered to the Branstad campaign office.

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  1. I could not possibly sign on to this effort, as it is no more than I expected from Rod when he continued his campaign knowing he had no chance, dividing the conservative vote and allying himself with the moderate while spurning any relationship with the candidate with whom he would has us believe he shares the conservative social values as well- Bob Vander Plaats. This tells me more than anything that he is not who he says he is, and we should run far from this idea.

    1. So because he didn’t roll over and bow down to Vander Plaats he’s not a conservative? How has he spurred a relationship with Vander Plaats, he ran a positive campaign and was civil to both of his opponents. Also, Vander Plaats would have lost even if he was out of the race, he gave some of us a third choice. Not everyone who voted for Roberts would have been in Vander Plaats corner.

      Also, there has been no communication with Rod Roberts about this campaign. It is grassroots – Rod has not asked us to do this, he isn’t behind it. So I don’t know how it is something you expected from him when he isn’t even involved.

      Also have you not read the news that Vander Plaats met with Branstad regarding being on the ticket? I guess he isn’t a real conservative either, huh?

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