image I met with independent Gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Narcisse with whom I’ve interviewed twice before.  The Republican primary was contentious and two weeks out there is still a rift.  Is he someone whom former Bob Vander Plaats supporters, who said they’ll sit out of this race, can support?  What if Vander Plaats decides to run as an independent?

Looking at the two party candidates records and positions you would have to admit that he is the small government conservative in the race.  For instance he said, “How many jobs am I going to create?… None.  Governors don’t create jobs… We need to ask the question of Branstad how exactly will he create 200,000 jobs?  … How can he promise increased wages?”  He also challenged Branstad’s tax cuts saying that the tax cuts passed by the Legislature were larger than what was actually signed into law.

So we had a discussion about primarily his fiscal and educational policies in contrast to former Governor Terry Branstad and Governor Chet Culver.  He is very specific in his policy ideas, but not quite as specific regarding the mechanics of his campaign or who exactly has come out publically in support of his campaign.

Narcisse says he believes he could pull 30-40% of the vote, that he has strong support in the African-American community, in Des Moines, as well as in the 1st Congressional District.  He says he has a strong base because of the newspaper he publishes, The Bystander.  He also believes because of his background in the Democratic Party he can attract Democrats who do not want to vote for Culver.  He asks but what will the Republican of conscience decide in this race.  Will they vote in favor of someone, Narcisse says, is in practice has the antithesis of the party platform or will they vote for the person that best fits with their principles?

Could Jonathan Narcisse be a wildcard in this race?

  1. I like Mr Narcisse and I will be strongly considering supporting him this fall. If EVERYTHING falls into place he could pull the 30-40% required to win. Culver must continue angering dems, VP can’t run independent. VP must not endorse TB and even better would be an outright endorsement of Narcisse. Must get out the AA vote.

    In order for all the above to occur I feel one thing is critical, polling. First a reputable poll must be conducted that includes all 4 candidates (Culver, Branstad, Narcisse, Cooper) and in the FIRST poll, Narcisse must have built enough name ID to pull at least 15-20%. If he is unable to poll well in the first poll he will be seen as just another minor third party candidate and Dems and Reps will do what they usually do and back their party nominees in an effort not to let “the other guy win”. But if he can poll well at the first poll, disenfranchised members of both parties will consider him a possibility.

  2. I like Mr. Narcisse too and if there were a 3 way tie for the governor’s race between Branstad, Culver, and Narcisse and my vote decided it no question I’d like to see Narcisse as governor. Short of Narcisse having a good chance to win, I’ll vote for Dr. Eric Cooper. Narcisse is a smart guy, but on the subject of mid-major party and independent politics he’s hopelessly naive. I think Dr. Cooper has a real shot to get 2% of the vote and qualify the Libertarian Party for the ballot in 2012. Building an alternative party in the long term is much more valuable to the cause of limited government than getting 5% in a one-shot independent race.

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