r.robertNow that Governor Terry Branstad has won the GOP nomination in the Iowa Gubernatorial race, he’s looking for a running mate.  Short lists have been created, and predictions have been made.
I think one name should be at the top of the list – State Representative Rod Roberts.  He ran a positive, principled campaign.  He is a true public servant.  He is a solid conservative.  He would be an asset to the Branstad campaign as a tireless campaigner, a positive and friendly addition who can help build trust with social conservatives.  He was, I felt, the unity candidate in the Republican primary, and for that reason I think he would be the best choice to run with Governor Branstad – he is a selection that both fiscal and social conservatives can get behind.
The Iowa City Press-Citizen said of his potential to be Lt. Governor:
If Branstad is still interested in positioning himself as the conservative candidate best able to cross-political divides within the state, he might consider asking his other rival, Rod Roberts of Carroll, to be his running mate.
In Robert’s 10 years in the Iowa Legislature, he proved himself to be both a good human being and a good representative for his Western Iowa district. In his work for Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, he oversees new church development and works with local congregations in planning and leadership programs. As such, he has the experience to be an effective lieutenant governor, the religious clout to reach out to voters who doubt Branstad’s conservative bona fides and the learning ability to develop into a strong gubernatorial candidate for 2014.
I agree and am proud to join a grassroots effort started by Jeff Jorgensen, a Central Committee member of the Pottawattamie County Republican Party to convince Governor Branstad to add Roberts to his ticket.
Branstad/Roberts sounds like a potent ticket to me, and I hope it does to you as well.  I encourage all Iowa Republicans to sign our petition to let Governor Branstad know that you feel Rod Roberts would make a great addition to his ticket to boot Governor Chet Culver out of office.
Sign the petition, it’s completely free and easy to do.
Update: There was a technical issue with the original petition hosting site, it has since been moved.  The links above and the code below have been updated.
If you would like to add the above graphic to your blog or website, the code is below:
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  1. Shane –

    Keep drinking the koolaid . . . Roberts was TEB’s man sent to keep Vander Plaats from winning by splitting the conservative vote (yes, I already know that the total number of votes between BVP and RR were not enought to beat TEB in the primary). RR will get a payoff of some sort for this performance, but I doubt it will be the “lewie’s” spot . . . TEB will be picking his Polk County establishment predecessor for when he “re-retires” after one term. That is why conservatives need to look very closely at whoever this is . . . because if the pick has any previous noteriety as a conservative, it means that they have sold their soul to the devil to get this “honor.”

    TEB is walking a tightrope on this one . . . if he picks what he really wants . . . someone like Doug Gross for example, then he really would risk losing to Culver in November (though he might think it is worth the risk) . . . Robert’s is for sale at some level; he has already proven that. But I don’t think that the Polk County “Republican” establishment believes that they can control him the way they might like to . . . Roberts might even really push to eliminate “same sex marriage” (horror of horrors!!!) in Iowa, rather than just talk about it.

    Time will tell though . . .

    1. You are pushing some sort of TEB/RR conspiracy, and I’m drinking koolaid?

      I’m supporting him as #2 for the same reasons I supported him as Governor. I want him there because he is somebody I can trust.

      How has Roberts proven he is for sale? Facts please.

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