image There is an interesting race in Delaware to see who will finish the remainder of Vice President Biden’s term in the U.S. Senate.  There is a contested Republican primary on September 14 with Christine O’Donnell challenging 9-term Congressman Mike Castle to be the Republican nominee to run against the Democratic nominee Chris Coons.

What I find appalling is that the Republican Party of Delaware is throwing its support behind Castle (at least they aren’t mentioning her on their website).  Shouldn’t the party be neutral in contested primaries?  I believe so, and I think Delaware would be wise to follow the Republican Party of Iowa’s example of neutrality and equal opportunity for candidates to get their message to Republicans in the state.

When you look at this race, conservatives have a clear choice, as O’Donnell draws some sharp contrasts between her and her competitor in the Republican primary.  Essentially when you look at Castle’s record in the U.S. House of Representatives you can see that he’s clearly a RINO.

Congressman Castle, O’Donnell notes has…

  • Voted for the House’s cap and tax bill.
  • Voted with liberals to handicap our intelligence and military.
  • Voted to increase our national debt and has done nothing to curb reckless spending.
  • Voted to keep the death tax, to increase taxes by $3100 on every American Family.
  • Voted to subject children to out-of-state abortions without consent.
  • Voted to use U.S. funds to support Planned Parenthood.
  • Supports human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.
  • Voted to ban exploration for domestic energy, voted to prohibit drilling domestically, and banned the building of new oil refineries.
  • Voted to allow liberal activist judges to strip “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, against the Constitutional protection of marriage, and against educational choice for parents with children in failing schools.
  • Voted in favor of the stimulus package.
  • Voted to protect 103 pork projects that would lead to corruption and waste.
  • Remained undecided on Obamacare until four days before vote which certainly doesn’t demonstrate principle.
  • The NRA has given him an F rating which indicates he has a strong anti-2nd amendment position.

Isn’t this guy in the wrong party?  You can see in his own positions page a lack of conviction.  He makes no mention of gun rights, sanctity of life, or government spending.  He doesn’t list domestic drilling and exploration as a way to gain energy independence.   The National Journal ranked him in 2009 as the least conservative Republican in the House of Representatives.  Yet this is the guy the Delaware GOP is backing in a contested primary?  Craziness.

Christine O’Donnell however…

  • Believes jobs are created when businesses are freed from endless taxes and bureaucratic red tape.
  • Believes terrorism is an act of war requiring the full force of our intelligence and military resources rather than granting terrorists precious Constitutional rights and outsourcing our foreign policy to the U.N.
  • Believes heaping trillions in debt on the backs of our grandchildren is immoral and that Congress is elected to make the hard choices to preserve our nation’s future prosperity.
  • Will fight to remove the crushing tax burden faced by American families and businesses and dramatically simplify the tax code.
  • Will fight to defend the dignity and rights of every human life, including protecting Americans from being forced to pay for abortions with tax dollars, and vigorously fighting human cloning and the destruction of unborn children in medical experiments.
  • Supports a market-based approach to energy solutions that will keep competition high and energy prices low.
  • Believes our country was founded on core values of faith, family and freedom and will fight to defend those values. Will always fight for maximum choice for parents about where to educate their kids, including private, parochial and charter schools or in the home.
  • Believes unrestrained government spending is eroding our freedom, destroying our economy and ceding our sovereignty to foreign debt- holders like China.
  • Renounces corrupt pork-barrel politics, including earmarks, and will fight for increased transparency and performance information for every Federal program.
  • Believes that the solution to the healthcare crisis is less government meddling in the doctor/patient relationship, more competition in the insurance market and more choice for families about their health plan.
  • The NRA has given her an A rating because her strong support of 2nd Amendment rights.

See the difference?  She’s firing a new salvo in the next battle of Tea Party vs. RINO.  The last Rasmussen poll in this race shows Castle losing support, while O’Donnell also leads Democrat Chris Coons.  This does appear to be a winner takes all primary, and the person who wins in November will be sworn in immediately which is important to help stave off what what may be planned in the lame duck session.  We can trust O’Donnell to do that, Mike Castle we can’t.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air had a chance to interview her.

Also Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit interviewed her as well who thinks she may be the next Nikki Haley:

So I encourage Delaware Republicans to vote for O’Donnell in your primary on September 14th and work to send her to the Senate in November.  She is the common sense conservative that we can trust.

Be sure to check out her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter, and if you can make a donation.

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      1. Brother, Mike Castle is a RINO all right. He is a pork spending middle of the road swiveller.

        But Delaware is too much of a liberal decadent place to vote for a pure down the line conservative. Comrade Obama still has 60% approval there.

        I say you spend time supporting Sharron Angle against Harry Reid. The local media down there are terrible and he keeps attacking her for wanting to privatize social security. Put your time and money into taking down Reid. Leave Decadent Delaware to the pork pig Mike Castle.

      2. Delaware does NOT have 60% approval for Obama. This is an out and out LIE. The truth here is that Delaware is trending conservative and is not the “blue state” people who don’t live here claim that it is. People who claim that either don’t have a clue what they are talking about OR are lying to advance their own agenda.

        This is a special election and it is the ONLY shot we have to stop the Democrats in the lame duck session. The choice is clear, RINO Mike Castle WILL vote for Cap and Trade (again), he will vote for DISCLOSE (again, plus he wrote it) and he WILL vote for more bad legislation. Harry Reid is WAITING for Mike Castle.

        I live in Delaware and I talk to the voters day in and day out. I KNOW the people of this state and they by and large stand with the rest of America. Rasmussen Reports shows that it lags 2-3 points behind the country in trending conservative. O’Donnell has a chance to win in Delaware and a GOOD chance to win in Delaware. She is trending positively in the polls (she was down 7 points to Beau Biden in October and is now up 3 on Chris Coons…Coons has higher favorables in Delaware than Biden) while Mike Castle is trending down. Why? Because Mike Castle has recieved $32,000 in TARP recipient contributions (just since TARP passed) and has been paying his campaign staffers and Washington, D.C. firms with what amounts to taxpayer blood money. Because Delaware knows Mike Castle is BAD for Delaware.

        Christine needs the support of conservatives nationwide and SHE can make the immediate impact we NEED in November. Please LISTEN to us in Delaware…help her and she will not dissapoint you. Please read this before you make a final decision:

      3. You don’t know much about northeastern Republicans. Castle is a lot more in touch with the average Delaware resident than O’Donnell. Castle is heavily favored to beat Coons as well, but all that changes if Republicans nominate a far-right candidate.

        If you think nominating a candidate who’s a good fit for the area’s voters isn’t important, then check the results from last year’s special election in NY’s 23rd Congressional district. Doug Hoffman cost Republicans what should have been an easy win.

      4. I understand what you are saying, and that is conventional wisdom. The NY 23 race was unique – it was a three-way up until the final week. Hoffman was a virtual unknown, and Democrats ran a moderate candidate – he was more conservative that the Republican running.

        If she focuses on the economy & taxes her message may resonate. I am by no means saying it will be a slam dunk.

  1. demoinesdem couldn’t be more WRONG…Castle is NOT in touch with the voters in Delaware. Be wary, Dems and Progressive Repubs WANT Castle elected because he will vote with them and will help destroy our country. Delaware gets it. His numbers are slipping because of that. We need more money, more help and more support for Christine but she is gaining big time.

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