I was wrong, and I am sorry.  I should have done some more homework before posting.

Andrew Breitbart posted a video that was heavily edited and portrayed her in a bad light.  The NAACP posted the whole video and it I believe tells a different story:

I’m obviously not the only one who misstepped though (not an excuse, just a statement of fact).  The NAACP got “snookered” and they had the video of the whole speech this entire time.  Perhaps the USDA and The White House should have responded a little more thoughtfully.  Now there is talk that Ms. Sherrod will be offered her job back.  Jonah Goldberg makes a great point:

Meanwhile, as a matter of politics, I think this episode demonstrates that this White House is a much more tightly wound outfit than it lets on in public. The rapid-response firing suggests a level of fear over Glenn Beck and Fox that speaks volumes.

Yes it does.

For my part again I apologize to my readers… this is certainly not something I would do intentionally, you deserve better.

Update: Todd Dorman questions whether Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will survive this disaster, but thinks he probably will.

Of course he will has President Obama ever fired anyone for incompetence?

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  1. I am glad to read your post. Somebody is honest. On Monday, just about everybody threw this lady under the bus. Now, most are pretending to be outraged to cover their contributing to the result. I think you and the NAACP are the signs of any honesty The important responsibility of the press is to get the story right, but just as important is to make sure you correct it when you make a mistake. I think it is ironic how a part of the important message of Sherrod speech can be paralleled to such. To me -the real measurement of people will always be how they address their flaws and mistakes

  2. Thanks for your honesty. I wish others in the media and blogosphere would be so honest about the way they (mis)handled the situation!

  3. It’s our rush to act on the slightest of evidence, believe the boldest lie, and fail to trust our own decisions in the people we selected for a job or a friendship. You didn’t know Shirley Sherrod. You didn’t hire her. It’s nice that you feel some mistake was made on your part, but really you just assumed that the White House knew something more than you did. It would have taken an intern two hours to get the truth, or the President could have gotten Ms. Sherrod’s side in fifteen minutes. You, or the New York Times, would not have been able to manage it so quickly.

  4. There’s so much ugliness regarding this issue: the farmer was called a plant, even though he served at the Battle of Midway. When that was pointed out to certain people, they responded by calling his wife a plant.

    It’s getting difficult to be conservative nowadays. I’m not perfect, and neither is anyone else. The noise and the hype that’s being generated by the right-wing blogosphere (this blog excluded) is just too much.

  5. Is this a sentence:

    “Of course he will has President Obama ever fired anyone for incompetence?”

  6. Why is Andrew Breitbart getting off so easy? He behaves as if he had nothing to do with smearing Mrs. Sherrid?

      1. I’m not suggesting tar and feathering. But he’s yet to apologize. Many others have done so because they feel it’s the right thing to do. He’s behaving as if he had NOTHING to do with what took place.

  7. B”H

    Dear Shane,

    First off I want to congratulate you for having the courage and fortitude to honestly admit your error in this incident. You have set a good example here and I hope that many others will follow suit. It is understood that the rush of modern journalism often creates situations where good judgement is set aside in order to make a deadline.

    While I am willing to take you at your word and receive your apology at face value I can’t say the same thing about Mr. Breitbart. One might hope that all bloggers and journalists would hold themselves to the same standard as you have where a public attack is met with a public correction. I don’t think that your mistake is equivalent to Mr. Breitbart’s because he seems to have acted with the intention of exposing shame on the part of the NAACP at any cost, even the harm done to Ms. Sherrod.

    Thank you again for your forthright apology. May your tribe increase.

    Shlomo Ben Yaakov

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