Last week I posted on Megyn Kelly’s interview with head of the New Black Panthers Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz.  I just now got to watch the debate between Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers yesterday over the New Black Panthers Party case and the controversy surrounding the Obama Administration’s handling of it.

The fireworks begin at the 3:00 mark after watching video from a town hall meeting with Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA):

I don’t think I would call it the best 10 minutes of television (by a long shot), but I think we can consider this a KO by Kelly.  Powers really seemed out of her depth, which is sad because I’ve always found her pretty reasonable even when I disagree.  She was out there on this subject.

Lesson learned, never, ever go into an interview with Megyn Kelly, especially regarding legal issues, unprepared.  Ouch.

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