Last week I posted on Megyn Kelly’s interview with head of the New Black Panthers Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz.  I just now got to watch the debate between Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers yesterday over the New Black Panthers Party case and the controversy surrounding the Obama Administration’s handling of it.

The fireworks begin at the 3:00 mark after watching video from a town hall meeting with Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA):

I don’t think I would call it the best 10 minutes of television (by a long shot), but I think we can consider this a KO by Kelly.  Powers really seemed out of her depth, which is sad because I’ve always found her pretty reasonable even when I disagree.  She was out there on this subject.

Lesson learned, never, ever go into an interview with Megyn Kelly, especially regarding legal issues, unprepared.  Ouch.

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  1. Kristen Powers is so liberal and angry any more she does not even look pretty any more. Come on Kristen you look bitter.

  2. Powers had the better argument by far. Kelly, like most Fox News “journalist”, was totally unprepapred to be challenged with thoughtful questions. Powers really called her out and exposed her not so hidden motives, which caused megyn to resort to childish name calling and threats to “cut her miic.” Pathetic…

    1. You called it so right…Megyn Kelly is perfect for Fox news…Kirsten Powers needs to go to a real news station, like MSNBC…

      1. You mean that “news” network that nobody watches; the same one that doesn’t do news on weekends, just old repeats of Lockup and killer shows. Is that your idea of a news network. Fox blows them all away. Megyn’s lawyering skills showed through. She was prepared and had the facts. Kirsten, who is usually one of the saner Democrats was thoroughly unprepared and had to go to the standard liberal fall back strategy of “Blame Bush” and/or “look what Bush did”.

  3. Kirsten – Before you make a fool of yourself, AGAIN, why don’t you do your homework next time?!

    Yendor – Are you freakin’ serious?!!?

    Megyn Kelly – You’re smart, beautiful and savvy! What a combination!

    1. FYI, an individual who is actually winning an argument doesn’t have to threaten to cut off the guest’s mic. Right wingers need to understand that there is another point of view. Megyn compromised her journalisitic credibility by attacking Kirsten personally. Not to mention her role as moderator…

      1. Hosts can cut a mic any time they wish to. Have you watched Contessa Brewer ever? Oh, but that’s ok, because she’s a lib, right?

  4. I, on the left, think Ms. Powers owned in this. I’ve been reviewing the discussions, and apparently the right finds Ms. Kelly to prevail. This does illustrate the differences between us. To a left-winger, Ms. Kelly champions fear of black men. Ms. Powers advocates balanced appraisal of events, rightfully mentioning voter intimidation was rife under Bush. That’s not even “blame Bush” as Kelly rushes to say, as it’s not a blame, but a contextualization, and one must blame the General Accounting Office as well if they assert Bush is blameless on the issue. Had white people stood and menaced as these men did, Fox wouldn’t care.

    Only one commenter has interested me. Someone said Ms. Powers should be aware of the partisan nature of talking head news. I agree, and I think she is aware of it. I also think a response like hers, in which she demands fair contextualization testily, mindful and aggressive against the various slimey rhetorical tricks played by Ms. Kelly, should be the standard response of “left” commentators. It was not fair and balanced on Ms. Kelly’s part. It was rhetorical smash-face, replete with straw men, things Ms. Kelly was not arguing, at length, with no effort toward speaking to her position. And that’s because her position is utterly reasonable: A news organization of any credibility whatever needs to contextualize events. Where, then, is the comparison to Bush’s record on voting rights? And are those in the Justice Department who served both Presidents speaking about the government’s performance overall? Or just one case?

    Based on the techniques used, I consider Ms. Kelly a force against truth, and for tyranny.

    So it’s interesting to hear many people disagree. It does make me fear for my country, and I know it’s not enough to live in my educated enclave and forget about the vastness and depth of ignorance and poverty that ferments not just ignorant but tyrannical leadership as embodied in Bush and Palin. To say Bush was a symptom of America is the most frightening thing about him.

    I’ve meandered. You draw your own conclusions. And avoid news based on creating racial smears and then leveraging pre-planned hooligan mobs at public meetings manufacturing dishonorable sound bites which Fox can label news. I see this and the vast majority of people in my affluent, educated city also see it. But we must remember that lots of people lack the kind of education it can take to unravel illusions. And they’re also rife for a culture war, in which mediocrity and base rage set policy in America. I am ready for this culture war, but I wish there was a way out. Fox will keep the salt on the wounds. Ironically the most conservative states receive the most federal funds. I do long to cut them off and build a fence. Ok now I’ve really rambled on. Regards.

  5. A good old ass kicking by Kelly. Kristen needs to stick to the facts and not let her emotions get the best of her.

    By the way, Kelly is much better looking. But of course, conservatives always are better looking than bitter Dumocrats.

  6. I don’t think Megyn Kelly did a good enough job of proving her claim Kirsten Powers did not know what she was talking about. As sson as Powers indicated she disagreed with her, Kelly becaime angry and started yelling, therefore guaranteeing a poor debate. Yelling, interrupting and threats are no substitute for healthy debate. This isn’t high school.

    Also, when all the people who agree with Kelly have to say are things like anyone who agrees with Powers is “So so blind” or commenting that Megyn looks better, that’s not enough info to determine the best point, either. Beauty does not equal wisdom.

  7. But Kirsten Powers didn’t read the DOJ report right?
    So she’s just like all of the liberals who sounded off against the AZ immigration law but didn’t read it.

    Read before speaking and commenting on something makes one look much smarter.

  8. Powers failed when it was clear she was unprepared save for talking points, and then started to try to slam the Bush administration. Keep in mind that Powers is one of the best “analysts” that the Left has got, so its a pretty sad state of affairs for them.

  9. Kirsten Powers is almost always out of her depth each and every time she appears on FOX. She’s an embarrassment, but that’s why FOX has her on the network — to embarrass Democrats, since she calls herself a Dem.

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