imageFurthering the death spiral to America being transformed into a nanny state… Fox News reports that the Obama administration targets Americans who are overweight and demanding obesity ratings for all citizens by 2014.

…the Health and Human Services announced this week that under the stimulus law, health care providers must establish "meaningful use" of electronic health records to qualify for federal subsidies or risk seeing their Medicare and Medicaid payments slashed. The electronic health records must include Americans’ body mass index, or BMI, height and weight.

Let me get this straight, according to Obama and other liberals an abortion is a decision between a woman and her doctor, but yet they think our body mass index is their business?  The government does have a vested interest in the life of the unborn since “life” is an unalienable right.  I fail to see where in our Constitution they have the mandate to tell doctors what records they need to keep.

But then again, Obamacare will begin to kick into gear in 2014 and this will be used  for healthcare rationing.

Don’t get me wrong I think living a healthy lifestyle is important and Americans collectively need to shed some pounds, but this isn’t  a proper role for our government.  Also with his disastrous economic policies we’ll be lucky to be able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables without a federal grant.  Besides before President Obama starts to preach a healthy lifestyle to Americans he should take care of his own problem first, don’t you think?

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