image Well he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize just days into his presidency so it some twisted way I guess this makes sense.

Or it’s a sign of our deteriorating academia.  It’s no secret that most professors are liberal, so when a survey of “scholars” came out with their rating, they had President Barack Obama as #15, ahead of President Ronald Reagan (#18) but behind President Bill Clinton (#13).  President Franklin D. Roosevelt earned the top spot once again.

Where Obama is rated and where Reagan is rated shows this is a completely bogus poll.  What has he actually done?  What makes him so great?  Oh, he’s smart, sure he’s book smart, but he lacks leadership ability.  How exactly does President Reagan fall behind President “I can’t make a decision” Obama and President “I feel your pain” Clinton?  President Reagan’s policies helped to end the Cold War and the breakup of the Soviet Union.  President Reagan’s economic policies led the United States to economic prosperity.  President Clinton I can certainly see being ahead of President Obama

Obama could lead his way out of a paper bag and nothing he has tried to date has worked.  But yet he’s the 15th best, and this survey is mostly based on accomplishments.

It must be his speeches and ability to give Chris Matthews thrills up his leg.

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