Here are some initial impressions my wife and I have on the Divine Destiny rally held at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC last night:

Two words sum up Glenn Beck’s Divine Destiny: boring and disjointed. There were high spots, to be sure, including the musical rendering of God Bless America by J E McKissic of Fort Worth Texas, which was the pinnacle of the event. One Catholic leader did give some resounding warnings about abortion and the family as well as the need for believing in the Creator.

But it was a lot like any other meeting you’ve ever attended where no one really knows what’s going on. There was no main speaker or theme running through it. Glenn Beck only spoke for a couple of minutes.

Beck did not deliver what he promised. Not only did he not produce his miracles, he did not reveal the names of his surprise guests. Glenn had suggested there would be four famous sermons read, or at least portions of sermons, to turn us back to God. I suspect when he finally got around to reading them, especially if he read from George Whitefield or John Wesley, the sermons could not be edited enough to leave out the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Based on the night at the Kennedy Center, today’s Restoring Honor Rally promises more of the same. There will be call after call for the citizen’s to rise up, go home, and do something “to restore honor.” With very few exceptions, the folks will rise up, go home, and get back to their usual routine. Beck is putting on a Rally in Washington to “fundamentally change America”–I think some guy named Obama promised us exactly the same thing. That’s turned out well.

Patriotic gatherings and religious meetings have been going on for years. Beck is certain his rally will be different. He has the key: God will show up. Glenn’s Mormon “god” will most certainly be in attendance. The name of Jesus was avoided at nearly every turn, especially in prayers. Are prayers heard that are not prayed in the Name and Authority of the Mediator, Jesus Christ?

Little was said about the sins we have committed as a nation. The blood of millions of babies cries out from the ground for vengeance from God. We have open sodomy in the land, and are passing laws to “change” the creation ordinance of God concerning marriage to include abominations. God has been merciful to us on account of the Gospel. Shall we add to the crimes of the nation when we turn to a Universal god who accepts the worship of Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Buddhists, Muslims but rejects Christians. Will that save us?

God may very well show up in response to Glenn Beck’s Rally, but it will be the beginning of the end. His winnowing fork is in His hand. “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” (1 Peter 4:17)

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