Over the last six or nine months I have been growing ever more concerned over Glenn Beck and his Evangelical and Conservative followers.  I have not been alone, there have been countless other Christian Laymen and Pastors have expressed the same concern when Mr. Beck started talking about God, Jesus and Faith.

My question is should we as Christians who believe in Salvation by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone in the Person and Work of Christ Alone, for God’s Glory Alone have anything  to do with Beck in the areas of Faith and Religion?

Mr. Beck is a confessing Mormon, and his theology and false history leak out during his programs.

Example #1:

This is blatantly not true.  Anyone who knows Church history knows this to be absolutely false and he is talking as an authority figure, and denigrating real Christians who helped to defend the faith.

Example #2:

No where in this video does Mr. Beck talk about being forgiven for his sins.  No where in this video does he talk about the Penal Substitutionary Atonement of Christ, where we are bought back from wrath and adopted as Sons and Daughters of God.  All he talks about is works, and that is a corruption of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Example #3:

He literally talks about how he believes the Gospel is loving people.  Again, like all other non-Christian Religions, he talks not of Faith, but of Works.  True Christianity is not of anything other than God’s Grace.

I warn you my brothers in Christ that you should be fearful when this man talks about God, Faith, and Christ, because he knows not of any of it and unfortunately is being a servant of the Enemy in promoting a Gospel that is literally at War with Christ.

I am not interested in ATTACKING Mr. Beck, I am interested in Defending the Flock…

I will leave you with this from my friends from Wretch Radio.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Shane! My thinking after hearing his views on the DS scrolls is that I would not trust anything that this guy says. His ignorance on this topic concerns me much. I do not regularly listen to him and, if this is a sampling of his style and content, I probably never will.

  2. I’m always lerry of what the apsotate secs have to say, having only have of the information it is hard to know just what you’re saying. We are judged by works not faith alone, but you apostates will find that out later. Sorry you guys only have half the word. Come join the winning side, Christ accepts all who take his name, bear wittness, take on one anothers burdens, and have faith that he is the Christ.

    1. Thanks for your interest and care in commenting.

      You are 100% incorrect sir when you state, “We are judged by works not faith alone…”.

      You are confusing the fruit of salvation with what one needs to do. Salvation is entirely by the Grace of God, a Gift of Faith which he gives us, a work not of our own. We put our trust in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

      If you stand before the Lord and upon being asked, “Why should I let you into my presence?” and you respond, “Because I did all these things and I believe in Christ.” You will be thrown into hell with all the other non-believers.

      Repent Sir, and Trust in Christ and Him alone, your works will follow as evidence of salvation. If you trust in your works, you condemn yourself and blaspheme the work of Christ which he already accomplished on your behalf.

  3. Well, from a third viewpoint that still knows something of this *grin* I say you correct him when he’s wrong, support him when he’s right, and if someone claims you’re inconsistent then appeal to the truth.

    A Christian doesn’t need to fear the truth, even if it’s unpleasant, does he?

    I know my life has been made richer by those I believe are theologically horribly wrong, let alone the folks that are just off base. Shoot, I’m only a reader of Caffeinated Thoughts because of a series of events that included a couple of folks who worshiped Odin and Thor, and more flavors of Protestant than I can count– I’m still not sure what flavor of Christian the uncle of the fellow who introduced me to this blog is, I just know it’s more compatible with the Baptists than my own Catholics!

    If nothing else, quote Mr. Beck where he’s wrong, be sure to include google bait, and offer the truth. Beats the heck out of ignoring him when you’re worried about folks listening to untruth!

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