image The group American Atheists chose Des Moines as the site of their national convention in April 2011.  They are obviously free to hold a convention wherever they wish, and I’m sure that local businesses won’t mind a bit as their money spends the same.  What disturbs me was the reason why they chose Des Moines as reported by the Iowa Independent:

Ed Buckner, president of the group, said the decision to hold the convention in Des Moines was based on a wide variety of factors that included value for attending membership, accessibility and an overall interest in the city itself.

“The major factor, though, was the rapidly growing activism and presence of atheist, freethought, secular and humanist groups throughout the region,” he said. “We have been very impressed by this, and want to do all we can to help and to further energize these groups.”

Oh goody, we’re a hotbed of unbelief.  Not exactly what I’d like my hometown to be known for.  It also explains a bit about why my state has changed.

Perhaps this should serve as a wake-up call for those of us who are followers of Christ.  Are our priorities correct?  Are we engaging our culture in a winsome way?  Are we sharing the Gospel and being the witnesses that Christ has called us to be?

  1. Perhaps you should ask “Do we have evidence to support our beliefs?”. Then maybe you will understand why atheism is growing.

  2. @ Dennis N (comment #1)
    You are succinct, to the point, and exactly right! I second Dennis’s comment. Believers, come on over to the bright side!; you’ll be surprised at what a relief it is to live in the reality based world. I know that might sound churlish but I mean no disrespect — most atheists started, or even spent a great deal of time, as religious believers, thus we don’t regard believers as idiotic, just their beliefs. We’ve all ( I mean ALL people) had idiotic beliefs, there is no shame in that. I know that this comment could easily and superficially be turned on its head. The question to ask yourself is ‘what is the evidence?’ The only shame should come from willful ignorance. In other words, choosing to ignore the evidence — the REAL evidence.

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