I first introduced Caffeinated Thoughts readers to the former Republican governor of New Mexico and likely 2012 Republican Presidential primary candidate in June when he announced his first visit to Iowa.  To say that his first trip to Iowa was a typical pre-caucus visit would be an understatement as the triathlete spent the entire week riding RAGBRAI.  I was unable to break away to attend RAGBRAI, but Steve Hoodjer of The Iowa Freedom Report documented the governor’s visit here here and here

Governor Johnson must have received a good response from Iowans as he has made plans to return to Iowa on Sept. 1st.  He will be hosted by a very active, small “l” libertarian activist group, out of the Quad Cities called Super Liberty.  The event will start at 4:30 and will take place at the Thunder Bay Grille in Davenport.   

Although Governor Johnson admittedly has some work to do regarding name ID, that work is underway both in Iowa and nationally.  In Iowa he has recently been a guest on the biggest political radio show in Iowa, the Jan Mickelson show.  He has also written an op-ed in the Des Moines Register about states rights.  On the national level, Governor Johnson has been traveling the country with his OUR America Initiative, a 501(c)(4) political advocacy committee to talk about limited government issues. 

He is being mentioned by national political news sites more and more frequently.  Including today’s article in the Atlantic titled “A Man Who Deserves to be Viable in 2012″.  Here is an excerpt from the article:

Imagine a successful two-term Republican governor with a credible small government record, a demonstrated commitment to civil liberties, skepticism about foreign wars, a longstanding determination to right America’s fiscal ship, evidence of competent management skills in the public and private sectors, and an utter lack of ugly populist rhetoric during the whole of his substantial time in public life. You’d think he’d be a God send for tea partiers and civil libertarians, a possibility to win the GOP nomination in 2012, and an appealing alternative for those of us who think that given a sane alternative, Barack Obama doesn’t deserve another term.  That attractive, reality-based Republican exists! His name is Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico.

My first article about Johnson mentioned that many regard him as a possible successor to the aging Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning-Republican candidate for President in 2008, who sparked the current liberty movement that was dubbed the “Ron Paul Revolution”.  Gary Johnson seems to be embracing the thought that he may be Paul’s successor, the front page of his OUR Initiative website includes an introductory video entitled “You Say You Want a Revolution?”  Is an endorsement from Ron Paul only wishful thinking, evidently not.  In an interview on the Daily Caller Ron Paul says that if he himself doesn’t run in 2012, Gary Johnson would be the “best candidate” he could support. 

Let the Revolution Continue!

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  1. Hurray! He sounds great! He has experience in government and managing budgets. I checked out his website and found him to be a very straight forward speaker and thinker. He is very physically fit and may have the stamina to take the crap that will, no doubt, come his way from the Neocons and the Liberals. Praise for Ron Paul and praise for Gary Johnson.

    1. Hopefully, Johnson will focus on the issues and his solutions , avoid the fruitcakes (unlike Paul), and refrain from the name calling (unlike Paul and yourself). If so, he might be the real deal indeed.

    1. Gary is personally pro-life. He believes that Roe v. Wade should be repealed, and that it should be up to each individual state how they deal with abortion laws. He passed late-term abortion bans in New Mexico and was endorsed by Right to Life. Since he wants to give the powers to the states, I think that is a very pro-life stance on the federal government’s role.

  2. Governor Johnson will also be in Iowa City and most likely Des Moines during his upcoming visit.

    Mr. Osborne, I have the same problem with Johnson. However, given that the other GOP candidates will pander to the pro-life vote but not offer any solutions other than the usual pie-in-the-sky that we have to just elect Republicans and they’ll appoint the judges to overturn Roe v. Wade, I think we pro-lifers will accomplish more with an honest Constitutionalist.

  3. Gary Johnson might make a good VP for Ron Paul but he would not be a better president. Ron Paul has the support of the people! That support has exploded since 2008. We don’t need the media or corporations telling us who to vote for. We The People have had enough of crooked politics and Ron Paul has a long record of being honest and grounded in the Constitution. Watch Ron Paul on youtube in the 2008 debates. He was right then and he is right now. Ron Paul never waivers! Ron Paul in 2012 or sooner!!!

  4. I wish Governor Johnson all the best in his quest. He has many mountains to climb due to his libertarian views (which I wholeheartedly support!). He has real guts, which is rare in politics. He will get attacked not only on the abortion issue, but especially due to his advocation of the repeal of marijuana prohibition. He could debate the issue against any hard-core social conservative and actually win the debate but still lose the race. The outcome of Prop 19 in CA this November could sway things in his favor though. We’ll see. Perhaps the American people are just fed up enough to consider legalizing pot, regulating it, taxing it, and paying off a significant amount of debt, at least at the state level, while at the same time putting the Mexican cartels out of business and sending them back south of the border where they belong. Make sense to anyone out there?

  5. Steve,

    There are candidates that we can support who will offer real solutions to the abortion problem. Even Ron Paul at one time suggested a Life Begins at Conception Act. If Gary Johnson supports abortion, then he is not a Constitutionalist.

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