Alveda King, Niece of Slain Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Summary Opinion: The rally was definitely inspirational at times. It was very patriotic. Even from a participant’s point of view, there had to be some disappointments, though. For weeks, Beck promised there would be an Evangelical participant who would shock us. The closing would be a real tear-jerker. Neither of these things, happened, as far as I could tell. Like the Divine Destiny rally the night before, the messages were mixed and muddled.

The gospel was not shared by any of the speakers, in spite of the repeated mention of George Whitefield and the Black Robe Regiment. Why did Beck mention that Whitefield owned slaves (which is true), but did not mention any of the founders of our country who owned slaves, including Jefferson. It was a slam against a preacher of the true gospel. It demonstrates the overall problem with the rally. Though religious, the rally emphasized personal works, not the Work of God. Love of country was placed above Love of God, and never once was the thought that we might have to serve God instead of, or, over our country ever entertained.

The Ten Commandments were not read, so there was no Biblical Law given either.

Final UPDATE 20: (12:20 CST) Dave Roever closed the rally in prayer. Glenn calls people to “spread the word” after they leave. A gospel tune concludes the rally: Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus. Jo Dee Messina sang “Heaven Was Needing A Hero” and “America, the Beautiful”.

UPDATE 20: (11:55 CST). Mosques, churches, and synagogues must stand for the truth as long as they don’t preach hate. He discusses the Black Robe Regiment, preachers prior to the American Revolution, during the time of the First Great Awakening. He wants us to return to the Eternal Principles of God.

He at one point said that serving God was both a blessing and a curse. That is wrong. Though there are hardships sometimes associated with obedience to God, they are always accompanied by God’s grace and therefore are blessings themselves, not curses. It is true that unbelievers see things they must do, but don’t get joy from them but the believer sees all things as blessings from His hand.

It may also be that this statement reflects his Mormon view that disobedience in the garden of Eden was both blessing and curse, rather than curse. By constantly emphasizing the notion that we are given the choice to obey God or not, he presents a God who is capricious who blesses and curses for both obedience and disobedience. This is Beck’s muddled theology.

He tells us the story of slaveship owner John Newton. In a storm, Newton cried out to God “help us”. Newton was the writer of “Amazing Grace”. Bagpipes play the song as the crowd sings:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Commentary: The problem is that the religions Becks mentions don’t agree on what the Eternal principles are. They disagree on Who Jesus Is. They disagree on Who God Is and What He is Like. This is the worst part of the rally, and it is what will bring God’s Judgments. We cannot serve false Gods and expect a blessing. We must be reconciled to the One and Only True God, the Lord Jesus. Saying “God is the Answer” is not enough. It is a lot like the blasphemous movie “Oh God” when they held a campaign to create bumperstickers that said “Think God”.

UPDATE 19: (11:41 CST) Tell the truth, then expect it from others. Give your children extra time. His favorite line from the Declaration of Independence begins “With firm reliance upon Divine Providence…” Know what you believe. Question with boldness the very existence of God (from Thomas Jefferson). Realize you are one of God’s children. Know who He is, know who you are. He quotes George Washington called to help at the Constitutional Convention: “Have I Not Done Enough for My Country”? The answer is “no” we have not, we must get on our horses and ride to help. We must sacrifice for our children. He gives a great comparison between the parent who would be willing to die in the place of their sick child. He encourages people to tithe, giving ten percent (to their churches?) and trust God to provide. Finally, we must tell the truth.

UPDATE 18 (11:28 CST) What do the great men of our country have that we don’t have? Nothing! Look to God. Make your choice. “That which you gaze upon you shall become” How does that fit in with the Mormon doctrine that all can become God?
Beck continues: I am not a fearmonger anymore than the man in the Titanic were fearmongers who warned of the iceberg.

UPDATE 17 (11:21 am CST): Glenn expresses (what I hope would be hyperbole) when he suggests that the American documents are as alive as Scripture. Her reads extensively from the Gettysburg Address. ‘Do they have relevance today? What do we believe? We must advance or perish. I choose advance.” He again brings in George Whitefield.

UPDATE 16 (11:12 am CST) : Glenn Beck’s speech begins with the promise that today America’s heart will start beating again. “It has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with God.” On top of the the Washngton Monument are the words “Praise Be to God” in Latin. We cannot co-exist with evil, so he mentions the WWII memorial as well as the memorials to those served in the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

Overall, admittedly, so far, the rally has been (relatively) harmless, but it is hard to see what was accomplished. There can be no revival without the gospel. While Jesus was mentioned by several speakers, nothing offensive was mentioned. The Bible says that the cross will be offensive. The meaning of the cross is lacking in the rally.

UPDATE 15 (10:53) Another musical guest, Vanessa sings about walking together in Unity. A minister reads from Ephesians concerning the unity of the faith, and says that they are Jews and Gentiles, Blacks and Whites standing together in the name of Jesus.

UPDATE 14: (10:44). Beck gives a speech about Martin Luther King, and plays a video of part of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and introduces Dr. Alveda King whose father and uncle were killed during the civil rights struggle for blacks. King introduces Angelica Tucker who sings “We Must Rebuild”.

UPDATE 13 (10:34) CORRECTED: And the Recipient of the Charity Award Is: Businessman John Huntsman. I’m shocked, shocked! Is this the person that was supposed whose presence was supposed to shock everybody? The day isn’t over yet.

According to the Latter Day Saints, the older Huntsman is listed as being one of the most 100 influential Mormons. He is a cancer survivor. He funds a cancer research institute that bears his name.

Wikipedia gives the following bio:

Jon Meade Huntsman, Sr. (born 1937) is an American businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder of Huntsman Corporation. He is the father of current United States Ambassador to China and former Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman Jr.

Emma Houston received the award for Huntsman, but spent the time honoring Huntsman, rather than speaking on his behalf. Huntsman’s goal is to die broke. No man is an island.

UPDATE 12: Glenn Beck talks about charity and reads from the tablet of the Statue of Liberty. All men are created Equal and are endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Introducing the “Charity” Merit Badge is Raul Gonzalez, retired Texas Supreme Court Justice.

UPDATE 11: Tony La Russa, manager of the St Louis Cardinals will present the “Hope” Badge of Merit. He is talking about real life heroes. Albert Pujols of the baseball Cardinals is the winner of this award. His commitment to family, faith and community are being honored. Pujols said “My job as a believer is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.” He works with Downs Syndrome children and makes trips to the Domican Republic.

UPDATE 10 (10:12): Pastor Jackson praises Glenn Beck as a “bright young servant of God, Son God”. He is telling stories of three women in the Bible: The widow who offered a mite as an offering. The woman who offered the box of alabaser perfume. The woman who came begging for crumbs the Table of Jesus. Jackson is asking the crowd to offer gifts to GLENN BECK. Faith, but not a word about who Faith must be in. Not a single mention of the cross of Jesus Christ.

UPDATE 9 (10:09): First Recipient (Faith): Pastor C L Jackson, of Pleasant Grove Mission Baptist church of Houston, Texas. He was introduced by a Native American chief who emphasized the importance of a covenant in Jesus Christ.

UPDATE: 8 (10:01) Beck introduces the Badge of Merit (Purple Heart) as given by Washington found again in 1933. These will be given by Beck to award these Badges of Merit to three civilians. The first medal is Faith. 1775, British colonies declared war against the largest army in the world. He mentions the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center destroyed on 9/11 and Martin Luther King. Can we find solutions, can we find faith?

UPDATE: 7 (9:41 CST) Palin honors and introduces American Hero Navy Cross recipient Marcus Luttrelle who risked his life for his fellow soldiers. The second recipient of special honors at the rally today was James Eddie Wright who was badly injured but was able to save his fellow soldiers and received the Bronze Star. Third honored was Retired Air Force Colonel Tom Kirk, like John McCain, spent time in the Hanoi Hilton as a prisoner of War.

UPDATE 6 (9:35): Sarah Palin is introduced as a mother of a soldier. She is talking about those who defend us and who are not to be ashamed of. Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, and a thousand other battlefields are where they shed their blood.

UPDATE 5 (9:33): Glenn is asking us to make a $10 donation by texting to SOWF85944.

UPDATE 4 (9:24): Glenn introduces Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This group supports the children of Special OPS soldiers killed in action by paying for thier college educations. A mother offers a moving account of her son Derek’s service and how the organization has helped her grandson after Derek was killed in action. To serve is not a right, it is a priviledge. SOWF85944.

UPDATE 3 (9:10): Prayer to the King of Kings, The Righteous One. The prayer mentions the Lord Jesus and the gospel, The Black Regiment, liberty, and The Declaration of Independence. God has called us to repentance for our treatment of the Indians. But God is healing us. We come in repentance for shedding innocent blood and for not modeling marriage. Prayer in Christ’s name. AMEN (Good for Him!)

UPDATE 2 (9:06) Glenn Beck presents a video explaining the significance of the monuments on the mall: Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by a Boy Scout, and the national anthem was sung by a capella. Beck is now speaking: God’s chosen people (The Israelites) were led out of Egypt, God’s chosen people are also the Native Americans, and the Pilgrims.

UPDATE 1 (8:59 AM CST): Beautiful music with a series of pictures representing American history, culture and patriotism was beiong shown before the rally (Arch of St Louis, Mardi Gras, Old Mountain of the Mountain, etc.)

The crowd is rowdy with occasional chants of “USA, USA”  or “Glenn, Glenn”

A crowd of possibly 300,000 is expected at the Mall on Washington, DC for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial. We plan to cover it “live” from his Facebook streaming audio.

Lots of surprise guests will be showing up for this blend of religion and patriotism.  Last night at the Divine Destiny rally at the Kennedy Center, evangelicals Twila Paris, Dave Roever, and Chuck Norris all made appearances.

Today’s rally will feature veterans who will be introduced by Sarah Palin,  Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King and pro-life advocate), and David Barton.

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  1. Overall, admittedly, so far, the rally has been harmless, but it is hard to see what was accomplished. There can be no revival without the gospel. While Jesus was mentioned by several speakers, nothing offensive was mentioned. The Bible says that the cross will be offensive. The meaning of the cross is lacking in the rally.

    Amen. However the black pastor guy mentioned Glenn as being a ‘son of God’ along with David Barton too. And Beck did say the Native Americans and Pilgrims were God’s chosen people, alluding to the Mormon mythology of the lost tribes of the Jews, and Jesus appearing to the Native Americans etc.

  2. ‎”how can you have firm reliance (on providence) if you don’t know what you believe?” — Glenn Beck.

    The irony there is astounding.

    Glenn expresses (what I hope would be hyperbole) when he suggests that the American documents are as alive as Scripture.

    David no, they do believe the founding documents are “divinely inspired.”

  3. Ok Glenn Beck just said that if you know God you will no longer have a choice. I thought the LDS church thought that is a lie of Satan? (i.e. they are very very Pelagian with regard to free choice and free will).

  4. Your commentary is wrong in update 13. You assumed that the Huntsman receiving the award is the one who is the ambassador to China. That’s the wrong Huntsman. His father is the one who was given the award. The father has never been in politics, but always in the private sector and is a philanthropist (not many politicians today in this arena : ). The son I believe was a governor in UT before being the US ambassador to China.

  5. re: surprise evangelical not being there. Brannon Howse has been calling pastors who were going to participate. He said at least one said they were unaware of how it was being billed, I wonder if any backed out?

    But you’re right, it did not inspire the way it was billed, nor did I hear some terrible tear jerker at the end, though many of the stories were indeed moving. I sat here just feeling sad at the strange irony of it all. My heart aches for Glenn.

    Last month we spoke to some mormon missionaries in repeated discussions at our home. One in particular was very sold on the whole thing. He would get very serious and passionate and emotional and tell us his ‘testimony’ or say “the holy spirit is here — that feeling you’re feeling now is Him and when you pray with sincerity to know the truth it WILL come again.” I just sat there feeling the same as I do now. Nothing… sad…deflated. That’s the Holy Spirit? No I don’t think so.

    I think that same phenomenon is going on with Glenn, probably. He finds certain things very inspiring and figures we all do just because we’re conservative people who are religious.

    I’m also having a hard time ignoring the pitch problems in the performances. Rich’s guitar is out of tune. Was Messina sick? I haven’t listened to her before but she was really having pitch and vocal quality problems.

    1. er oops not John Rich’s guitar, they’ve moved on to the next guy, Keni Thomas. Still sounds pitchy. It’s better than the previous song though, he must have tweaked it in between.

  6. ummm considering the prayer and praise with worship to God along with words of entreaty for people to turn their hearts to God, why in the world are you so negative….you desperately wanted to get him on something major to slam him and its funny cuz it looks like you are just reaching for anything to knock this rally….how about saying it was surprisingly very Christian oriented
    and onstage it was heavily dominated by black Americans.

    1. Thank you Terri for your comments. I don’t think I am “so negative”. I gave several compliments throughout. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, I will admit. But that is because Beck did not deliver on the promises he made, I think. Why do you say it was Christian oriented?
      Beck went out of his way to make it ecumenical, so as not to offend Jews or Muslims. The gospel is offensive to them. Where was the mention of the Cross of Christ as the only means of salvation?

      I am not sure I understand your point about black Americans. He had to do this for two reasons. One, the recent Mormon history of discrimination (more recent than MLK’s speech) and because of the location and date of the event. Don’t take me wrong. I am confident that Beck is not racist and it was not a problem at all making blacks the focus of the rally. He is to be commended for it, and I haven’t criticized him for it.

  7. David, you completely missed the point. The point was to wake people up. A call to action. The point was to unify as One Nation Under God. Please understand this and take your personal opinions/bias out of your reporting.

    1. I think I separated out my opinion from the news pretty well. If you can tell me where I conflated the two, I would gladly fix it. A blog is a place to express one’s opinion.

      What action were we called to?
      I was awake. The danger is not that we don’t love our country enough, it is that we have abandoned the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the only power to live righteously.
      Finally, one nation under what God? Will just any god do? The god who is really no different than us in essence (the Mormon god).

  8. I watched Beck preach video the stream for the last hour of the show. I thought that his sermon was a strange blend of religious and patriotic cliches. But I guess he had the right to say what he thought.. it was his service.. I mean meeting.. after all.

  9. Thanks for the updates and commentary. In One Nation Under A Mormon God I pointed out some seemingly divine connections in Mormon (and Beck’s) theology.

    I would prefer that Beck made events like these political rather than claiming they are not political and invoking Jesus name. I understand there are comments from Barton about considering Beck’s fruit rather than his doctrine.

    Christians don’t have to worry about theological liberalism, conservatives are diminishing the gospel just fine on their own.

  10. Some folks in here seem to be sadly missing the point of Becks rally, and that is a call for the citizens of America to help restore honor to this country. I don’t care what religion you profess to be, if you love this country and are concerned about the direction it is headed in, then you should be able to join in a COMMON CAUSE without obsessing over whether or not the person standing next to you is a *gasp*, MORMON. A famous man once said that (paraphrasing) the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. All this bickering about “I’m not joining that cause–there’s a Mormon running it” is just plain short sighted and stupid. America is not a Mormon country, an Evangical country, or any other religion’s country. It’s a free country (for now, anyway) that encourges all religions to get along. So withdraw support if you will, just because of the religion of who is heading up the Return to Honor weekend. That’s your business. But you can’t deny the rightness of what Beck is trying to do. Go ahead, though. Stand aside give no help. Encourage others to drop out, also. That will just make it easier for evil to walk by and take the podium of Triumph. As for me, I’ll stand beside ANYONE, regardless of religious preference, IF their cause is good and is the same as mine. By their fruits ye shall know them. In this case, Beck’s fruits are stellar.

    1. “But you can’t deny the rightness of what Beck is trying to do.”

      Perhaps that is true. But I don’t know what he is trying to do. “Restoring Honor” is a vague concept without legs. What does he want to accomplish? We shall see. But he has shown himself lately to be an enemy of the gospel. That is enough reason to stand at a distance from his efforts.

      1. “Enemy of the gospel” —- whose gospel are you referring to. Glenn hasn’t been called to preach, if I recall correctly. He hasn’t had a defining moment on the road to Damascus, but he has experienced a defining moment in his own life and in the life of his family of God’s healing and restoration. Is that not enough for you? This “movement” if you want to call it that is a coming together of all people. I am not a Catholic, but I am happy to see that Catholics are embracing the restoration movement because it is not about “organized religion” which happens to cloud a lot of our thinking about many of these issues. We all must live by the precepts of our own individual faiths (and allow Glenn to do the same), while embracing the goal of returning this country to its roots. Let’s lift up Glenn in our daily prayer that he receives not only abundant blessings, but that God would be his divine teacher, mentor and guide. Can we stop the denominational knit picking?

      2. “it is not about “organized religion” which happens to cloud a lot of our thinking about many of these issues”

        The alternative is individual inspiration, which leads to everyman having a god of his own making, or making himself susceptible to a demagogue or charismatic leader enticing his ears with the latest conspiracy and plan to counteract it.

    2. Finally someone gets it on this site. I believe God is using Glenn Beck because Glenn has humbled himself and put it all on the line to restore America to our common heritage and values. Get over the fact that he is Mormon and your own religious biases and seek that which is common among us so that we can come together as one people. I seem to recall that it’s going to be God who separates the wheat from the chafe – not man.

    3. So now what? The rally happened and everyone went home. I recall the resolve of Americans after 9/11. Flags were flying everywhere. 9 years later we have a mosque possibly being built at the very sight where thousands of people lost their lives in the name of Allah. Without the gospel of Christ crucified, there can be no transformation…or reformation, or for that matter no reclamation. Glenn Beck probably has good intentions but as my good friend always says, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. You say you believe in God. You do well. But the demons also believe, and tremble.

  11. I’ve visited this blog several times, but am a first time commenter. I share the EXACT same qualms about yesterday’s event, but I’m not going to get all carried away and call Glenn Beck the Anti-Christ, which I’m sure some Christians are keen on doing.

    It was a deeply flawed event with a corrupted message, but honestly, I feel the same way about the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. Obviously our founding documents are not divinely inspired, but that isn’t to say it was wrong for Christians to sign them.

    I still believe GOD intends to use yesterday’s rally for His glory and for our country’s good.

    Governor Palin and Alveda King delivered very appropriate and wonderful speeches. I hope it’s in God’s will that Governor Palin will run for and win the presidency. 🙂

    1. The founding documents were political documents with religious language. I have no problem with Christians signing them, flaws and all. There is no question that God intends to use yesterday’s rally for His Glory and the good of His people, for all things work to those ends. Burt that is entirely different from being for our country’s good. That is the point we have all been making here at Caffeinated Thoughts. What is good for God’s people is not necessarily good for the country and vice versa.

      I do know some contributors here agree about Sarah Palin. :->

  12. Am I missing something? Why is Dr. Alveda King’s picture at the top of this post. Is this to somehow imply that she is doing the live streaming? This appears to be a deliberate misrepresentation by the author. Correct me if I am wrong.

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