GOP Politicians Gather in Smoke-Filled Backrooms (Black and White)Christine O’Donnell staged a big comeback win in the Delaware Senate primary against GOP-party favorite Mike Castle, as the Republican rank and file have parted company with the candidate chosen in the backroom by the GOP “leaders”.  John Cornyn, head of the GOP Senatorial Committee wouldn’t promise to lend support to the lady who has garnered the support of Sarah Palin, and some, but not all, of the tea party movement.

Regardless of the whether the Tea Party supported O’Donnell, the Republicans of Delaware did back her, and the GOP should get behind her 100%.  It is amazing how dense, tone deaf, and bull-headed the self-serving leadership of the National Republican Party can be. 

In recent months they came out in favor of Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio, they ignored the pro-life alternative to Bob Ehrlich (Brian Murphy), in the Maryland Governor’s race, and pushed Dede Scozzafava over Doug Hoffman in New York’s 23rd House District.  This is the same party (led by George Bush and Rick Santorum) that backed Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey years ago, pro-abortion US House Representative Greg Ganske over Marine and strong pro-family candidate Bill Salier in Iowa, and Governor Arnold Swartzeneggar over several conservative candidates when that governorship was open after Gray Davis was recalled.

If conservatives ever expect to make progress in this country they better speak loud and clear while working hard against their number one enemies, the leadership of the GOP:  Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Michale Steele.  Enough is enough.

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  1. The GOP leadership is our enemy. They are just plain ole politians! True conservatives need to vote as conservatives and not worry about who can win a general election. If we have Republicans in office that worry
    more about working with the Democrats than they do about representing the voters who put them in office
    what good are they?

  2. You may not like Castle, but he would have been a vote for a GOP Senate majority leader.

    Nominating conservatives who aren’t a good fit for their state or district is not a great strategy for a national party, but thanks for the Senate seat. Chris Coons will do a great job. Unfortunately, it looks like the right-winger is going to fall just short in the New Hampshire Senate primary.

    1. Unfortunately? I thought you’d be happy about that. I understand the logic, and had the Delaware GOP not involved itself perhaps I wouldn’t have come out quite as strong for O’Donnell. I have no use for Republicans who vote Democrat the majority of the time – might as well have the real thing. Besides this has been a Democrat seat for years so it might as well stay that way if she can’t win.

      Nobody thought she could beat Mike Castle either so I won’t write her off for the general.

    2. Son, you may not like this gal I’ve picked for you to marry, but the one you picked was out of your league: too smart, too moral, too pretty.

      Courting ladies who aren’t a good fit for you is not a great strategy for finding a mate. Next time pick somebody your unbelieving friends would approve of.

  3. What a big public embarrassment to come out almost immediately to trash O’Donnell… right now I am ashamed to be a Republican…..I am contributing to HER CAMPAIGN. Wake up you bunch of good ole boys RINO network. This party isn’t any better than the Democrats… we have an idiot in the White House and a business-as-usual Republican party. I see a third party eventually happening.

  4. I just love it when Democrooks want to give advice to the Republicans!! To all the Demacrats and “rino’s” out there you are worried and don’t deny it!! The average American is tired of the lies, the out of control spending, so be prepared to get your a$$ kicked in November.

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