The National Rifle Association endorsed incumbent Governor Chet Culver yesterday I had to shake my head.  Yes, I know that he signed the NRA backed law passed last General Assembly that took the subjectivity out of the conceal carry permit process (before a county sheriff could deny you a permit because you looked funny).  Yes I know they have a policy of supporting incumbents.  I can understand when you are a one issue advocacy group that you would back an incumbent, but even when their losing re-election is inevitable based on the latest Iowa Poll that has Culver down by 19 points against Governor Terry Branstad (the Iowa Gun Owners PAC endorsed him) who would be good on your issue is nonsensical.

Krusty Konservative points out that the NRA is on the verge of irrelevancy by endorsing candidates who aren’t really with them on the issues – like their pick of State Senator Staci Appel over State Representative Kent Sorenson in the Iowa Senate District 37 race.  He notes:

The situation between Appel and Sorenson in SD 37 is a better illustration of just how inept the NRA has become when endorsing candidates. Appel is currently sending nasty mailers and attacking Sorenson on TV for supporting gun legislation that the NRA would be fine with if they thought it would pass, yet she is the one that they support?

Let’s also not forget that the Democrats supporting making Iowa a “shall issue” state for political reasons not because they support peoples second amendment rights. They voted for the bill knowing that they would receive the NRA’s endorsement this fall. This is about the only area where Democrats are willing to push any sort of conservative legislation.

I see a drop in Iowan membership in their future.

Update: Apparently Krusty jumped the gun (pun intended) as did I for quoting him, supposedly the NRA was never going to endorse Appel.  Based on her attacks on Sorenson, they did back him.

Originally posted at The Des Moines Register’s From The Right blog.

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