image By Rev. Cary K. Gordon

So many times we read editorials claiming “if it had not been for the courts, we’d still have slavery in America today!” This shameless untruth is nearly always stated in an attempt to praise modern-day judicial activism, (without which homosexual marriage in Iowa could not exist). Besides the glaringly obvious fact that being “gay” is a behavior, and has nothing to do with civil rights, in the first place…besides the fact that as recently as last year, the American Psychiatric Association repudiated the fallacy of “born-gay” science, (which is to say, from an impartial, non-political perspective, that being “gay” is NOT the equivalent of being a particular “race”), few debates of our time seem more prone to deteriorate into willfully unintelligent comparisons, than the one at hand. As I am prepared to demonstrate, the arguments of the left are found wanting. They are unworthy of serious consideration, once their emotion-driven talking points and historically inaccurate claims are exposed and discarded.

The desecration of our nation’s history, along with patent lies, distortions, and general revision-isms, seem to flow like water from the emotional left, anytime they find themselves feeling vulnerable by the nakedness of their own bad arguments.  Particularly when one, such as I, reveals their private disdain for the constitution, exhibited in acts of public judicial abuse. (Abuses they shamelessly praise with adulation, as did Governor Culver last March 31st, in Des Moines).

Along similar lines, a respected acquaintance of mine, (and noted historian), David Barton, once shared the truly disreputable history of America’s courts as they relate to civil rights and activism. “Had it been up to the Court, slavery would have NEVER ENDED: in 1857, the Court declared it “unconstitutional” for the other branches to end slavery or to free slaves. Fortunately, Congress ignored that decision by declaring freedom for slaves in 1862 and President Lincoln also ignored that decision by issuing the “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863. All substantive progress in civil rights after the Civil War was accomplished only after Congress used Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution to REMOVE reconstruction issues from the Court’s reach.”

In the darkness of the recent Supreme Court decision to usurp the voice of the populous by legislating from the bench, re-defining the 6000 year-old definition of marriage, consider the following truths: Based upon the arguments posed by those who support gay marriage, it is a strong possibility that some of our Supreme Court justices do not believe in a God. Suffice it to say that regardless of whether or not one does, our public should understand that there are two kinds of law that exist in the universe.

1) Those made by men; 2) Those that exist outside of man’s authority. Natural law, or that which exists outside of man’s jurisdiction, like gravity, orbit decay, seasons, time, the natural law of procreation, and the general laws of physics, were not written down after passing a decision by a 3/2 margin in some mere human court. Laws that exist outside of man’s authority do exist, nevertheless, and I assure you, such law possesses what science refers to as a “first-cause.”

With that said, your courts may make all the man-made laws they wish – even outlaw gravity on the basis that it is “prejudicial to those who are inclined to fly and cannot do so without mechanical assistance.” You can do so passionately because of gravity’s alleged “tyranny against freedom,” and gravity will still kill us all if we jump off a building the following day, while “celebrating our new COURT-GRANTED ‘civil right’ to… fly.”

Our jurists may continue to give birth to new laws from their court rooms (wholly undermining our way of life as a constitutional republic and selfishly putting our nation under the tyranny of oligarchy) and actually change the meaning of the word “gravity” in the dictionary, but escape velocity will remain the same every time NASA launches a rocket into space.

Moreover, the religious man believes the “first-cause” of natural law must be the “Lawgiver.” Men/women like those who undermine wholesome family tradition believe any number of a billion things revolving around the doctrine of evolution – things which require far more faith than the religious for the maintenance of their own paradigm. But no matter how angry one becomes, homosexuality will never agree with natural law; an existing law which all men must acknowledge is quite real.  Why? Because to the intelligent religious man, homosexuality will always be un-natural for a myriad of obvious reasons one shouldn’t have to explain. To the intelligent evolutionist, it will NEVER agree with the doctrine of “survival of the fittest.” This explains why 30 states have banned gay-marriage, along with 70 nations of the world.

What’s most important in life is not who wins the argument about the definition of words, but where one goes when he or she dies. If there is a Lawgiver behind this amazing universe, there is a strong likelihood the arbiters of our curious Supreme Court will someday face Him. When they do, I recommend more humility than they’ve shown the people of Iowa. It is at times like this, when a mere human court harbors the hubris to actually believe they are capable at usurping natural law, when pastors must respond to such decisions with biblically justified civil resistance.

The orthodox Christian pastors of Iowa do not and cannot recognize, with regard to the definition of marriage, the imaginary authority of the Iowa Supreme Court. History has already shown who inevitably wins when state wages war against the authority of the church of the living God. So let the battle between state and church begin. True pastors, in the fashion of Christ, will not and cannot bow before the arrogance of Caesar and Herod. We have learned from our past mistakes. We will not repeat the mistake made by Lutheran pastors when confronted with German fascism.

Alexander Hamilton, signer of the American Constitution, best represents the position of this pastor with regard to the court’s insult:

“The law . . . dictated by God Himself is, of course, superior in obligation to any other. It is binding over all the globe, in all countries, and at all times. No human laws are of any validity if contrary to this.” 1

1. Alexander Hamilton, The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, Harold C. Syrett, editor (New York: Columbia University Press, 1961), Vol. I, p. 87, February 23, 1775, quoting William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England (Philadelphia: Robert Bell, 1771), Vol. I, p. 41.

Rev. Cary K. Gordon is a pastor at Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City, IA and President of PeaceMakers Institute.  Rev. Gordon also serves on the advisory board for American Principles Project’s Preserve Innocence Initiative in Iowa.  This is Rev. Gordon’s official response to the IRS complaint filed against Cornerstone World Outreach by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

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