Christine O’Donnell just released the ad below for her campaign to become Delaware’s next U.S. Senator.

It’s sad that she has to open with the statement that "I’m not a witch, I’m nothing you’ve heard."  Unless it is something positive, I’m sure :).  I think this does a great job presenting her as just one of us, which is why she is very popular with people within the Tea Party movement.

Help send Christine to the U.S. Senate, we need more like her!

Update: S.E. Cupp and Kirsten Powers on Fox News agree that this isn’t a good ad mainly because of the statement right at the very beginning, “I’m not a witch.”  Upon further reflection I think the ad would have been better without that, but I think it was sarcasm.  Could be wrong with that.  I do think they bring up some valid points about the ad.  I do think the catch phrase “I’m You” does resonate.  Focus on that and leave the witch business in the past, only liberals who wouldn’t vote for her anyway really believes that.

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