image GOP Attorney General candidate Brenna Findley  yesterday challenged Attorney General Tom Miller to explain to explain how his office missed a simple deadline that allowed two sexual predators to walk free.

"The first responsibility of the state Attorney General is to protect the people of Iowa from violent criminals.  Tom Miller has failed.  His office missed a simple deadline and as a result two dangerous sexual predators are back out walking the streets and the only reason why is the failure of Tom Miller to keep his calendar straight."  Findley said.

A July 4, 2010 Associated Press article by Michael J. Crumb of The Times Republican reported: 

"The Iowa Supreme Court has ordered the release of two men who were committed to state custody as sexually violent predators after it ruled prosecutors failed to meet a deadline for a timely trial.

"The court issued it’s ruling on Friday in the Clinton County case of Alan Fowler and the Page County case of Valjean Lehman.

"Fowler was committed to the custody of the Iowa Department of Human Services as a sexually violent predator in 2008 after he completed a two-year prison sentence of willful injury causing bodily injury and going armed with intent. Valjean was committed as a sexually violent predator that same year.

"In both cases, the court ruled the state failed to hold trials in the civil commitment process within the 90 days of when a court found there was probable cause to hold the men as sexually violent predators as required under state code."

Kevin Cmelik, assistant Iowa attorney general, was disappointed in the ruling.

”Obviously, our concern in attempting to commit these individuals was to protect the public from what we deemed to be dangerous individuals but the court determined that because of the process that was followed they did not go through the process in a timely manner,” Cmelik said. ”We can’t pursue their commitment any longer and we will abide by the court’s decision.”

"Tom Miller owes Iowans an explanation.  He has failed Iowa badly and his silence on this matter is an insult to the hard-working taxpayers who have paid his salary for 28 years."  Findley continued.

A KCRG story on the incident can be found here:

Download the Supreme Court decisions here:

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  1. Tom slipped on this one because he and his staff are to busy practicing “legalized kidnapping” of our elders through our corrupt probate court system that has no oversight and they do as they please. DHS investigator Walzer lies to get AG on their side then to Judge Klotz who signs anything DHS wants her to. Then they incarcerate the elderly in a hell hole nursing home, purposely appoint non-family as a guardian/ad-litem so they can keep family away by court order also, appoint a conservator, make the elder apply for medicaid, after these steps are done now the legalized theft of the elders possessions can now begin. If you think this doesn’t happen every day here in Polk County just wait till, you, your parents, or grandparents reach their elder years. They did this to my mother. Mom had to go to the hospital from a nursing home after being there 39 days for rehabilitaion. Then the hospital social worker called dhs, dhs concocts a false story that her health declined due to my sister. Remember above though mom had not seen my sister for 39 days. So dhs agent goes to Judge Klotz, lies, gets her court order and off to Nursing home hell for my mother. Even proving in court that the order had been procured under perjury, Klotz still extended the order for a longer period. A death row inmate has more rights than an elder in a nursing home under court order. After mom was now locked away in a nursing home DHS wanted moms house on the market for sale PRONTO! So long story short, after $20k in lawyer fees mom is back home and doing great. Did the dhs investigator get fired? NO! In the first month mom was in lockup 7 other elders arrived in the same home with investigator Paula Walzers name attached to them being put in there. So beware these people all operate with praise from Gov. Chet Culver. Since they are dirty from Gov on down you have no where to turn. Oh, you say if they treat elder bad in nursing home, call DIA? Yes, we did that multiple times and of coarse they never find any violations took place and try to convince you that if you log wrongdoing in a paper notebook that it is your fault the elder is getting abused. Yes this is exactly what DIA Wendy Koozie (spelling) told my sister and I. I could not believe my ears as she said that to us. I could go on, and on here but this is the main points.

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